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Welcome to our web home of Anyone Can - please stay a while and have a look around.

We (Vicky and Chris) love adventures in beautiful places and sharing these experiences with our guests.

Together we formed Anyone Can in 2019 because we witnessed - from our experiences professionally and personally - that there was a lack of opportunities for people living with a disability to be outdoors having adventures as an individual, as a family or with abilty-typical mates.

So please read on, poke around and ask questions. We look forward to hearing from you and meeting under the wide skies where amazing stuff happens. 

Chris and Vicky 

We do things a little differently 

We start with ability first

We work on the basis that no one-size-fits-all-needs. Instead, we offer a wide range of activities and formats each adapted to suit the largest range of needs that preserve the authentic adventure.

For example one of our sailing options (solo canoe sailing) is loved by our clients living with a mobility impairment for the speed and independence it offers, but often our clients with a visual impairment or cognitive disability prefer working as a team to helm and managing the ropes of a larger boat.

On each activity and trip page, you will find a table of what abilities are required to join the trip or event or you can use the ability first page for links to activities that match your ability profile. If you see your abilities in the “speak to us” section and you want to come; do just that it's a guide - not a “hard no”. 

Lady in orange and bright leggings stands in a sailboat with red sails

We adapt upwards

There are two ways to make things increasingly accessible: tone down the adventure or tone up the adaptions.

We tone up - we take the typical adventure experience and build our initial ability needs statement. Then we think, fiddle, experiement and learn to build out which needs we can cater for. Everyone is different and we keep learning new stuff all the time so the barriers lift for more and more people.

We love it when someone comes with a new adaptive aid or technique, or need we haven't considered adding to our tool kit - and are often found scurrying back to the computer to revise the "ability needs document” up another level. 

Person in blue boyancy aid is in a leaning sailing canoe

Using the website - a quick brief from Chris

We do loads of things and work with a huge variety of clients’ needs wants and aspirations, which makes the sites quite big so please feel free to wander around or use the links in the top bar or read on for some handy shortcuts.

Anyone Can mostly stick to four core activities rock climbing, canoeing, sailing and caving. The nature of our work means we have a fantastic wheelchair-accessible support vessel “Freedom” and we also offer access to the lake using her.

Sticking to only four core activities allows us to concentrate on two things:

1 ) Concentrate on improving the adaptive equipment and techniques employed - if you visit a page for a specific activity (e.g. Seapig) you will see the things we can offer to open up the range of users that can access her.

2) Offer ongoing support across your developing skill levels - so you don't get into something and then immediately run out of opportunities. Canoe with us for a day and find out what it is like for you, then join us for a paddling camping weekend expedition, then perhaps a week canoeing across Scotland or start your river paddling progression. We can provide similar progressions in all our sports.

To find out about all our days, weekends and longer trips you can visit the specific pages.

Alternatively, all our public events and trips are listed in the calendar. Or shortcut to your specific disability with our impairment specific shortcut page

To join us you can sign up as an individual or couple to one of our public trips on the calendar or you can arrange your own by contacting us. Booking your own trip makes sense if the public trip doesn't suit your needs, level of challenge or desired venue or if you want to book more than 3 spaces.

Our pricing is super simple - we take what it costs to run the trip for 6 people and divide it by 4 (then cross our fingers hoping for at least 4) so if you have 3-4 people you would like to adventure with its worth contacting us to discuss a group price.

Enjoy the site and see you soon

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We cater for you 

Autism Needs
Health Needs
Health needs 

Getting involved 

Families and friends 

We offer all of our activities as private bookings. It is a great way to tailor the dates, adaptions, and ambitions of you and your friends or family to exactly what you want. 

Join an open trip 

Open trips are a great way to meet other like minded people. Sometimes there is nothing more exciting than sharing an adventure and making life long friends along the way. 

Design your adventure 

Got a dream? Day dream, fleeting fancy or very specific requirements? We are a small and nimble company and can create you a bespoke adventure to meet your needs at home and abroad.

Accessible holidays in the Lake District

Add some days of adventure into your holiday in the Lake District. From full days to multi-days we can help make it a holiday to remember!

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