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Canoe with a sail crosses loch.

River Expedition 

Canoes:  built for travel, traverse and adventure

River Canoeing

This is the next stage for many looking for further  thing to do in canoes. We have a range of rivers for different abilities. Some experience is necessary - a weekend introduction to paddling (above). Some rivers require camping, some we stay in self catering accommodation and some we base from hotels. On rivers,  boats cannot be stabilised so plan to get wet at some point. We can combine the weekend course with a river to make an amazing weeks holiday for an up for it group. (With a rest day in between)

River Tay page
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Canoe with a sail crosses loch.

Great Glen - Canoe Across Scotland 

Canoes-  built for travel, traverse and adventure

Great Glen - Canoe from the west to east coast 

A 6 day  expedition across Scotland paddling Canals and Lochs, including Loch Ness. There is also the option to canoe some river sections. An amazing life memorable trip and surprisingly adaptable. This trip can be supported or unsupported by the  power boat depending on needs. It is possible to operate from hotels (if supported) but more normal to camp in stunning locations. There is something amazing about starting at one coast and paddling to another. This does require the right groups, confident they will enjoy the challenge. Navigating the lock gates requires some carrying of canoes if done without powerboat. Canoes can be stabilised if using the Canals and Lochs route without rivers.

Great Glen Page
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Lady uses hoist to get onboard yacht

Coastal Sailing 

One of the best sailing spots in the world is just across the border

On a much larger boat than the other products (typically 40ft) this is an extended sailing experience over several days. Living and working together as a team or family, it’s a great way to spend time together while exploring the most beautiful stretches of Western Scotland. 

Expect to experience stunning sunsets, wild life, amazing remote anchorages and possibly a distillery or two (depending on weather and plans).

You are cared for by the Skipper and 1st mate who help keep the boat running smoothly, but its also hands on for the crew with both boat handling and daily living (including washing up!).

Coastal Sailing Page
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Canoe with a sail crosses loch.

Climbing in Sunny Spain

Easy, Fun and in the sun

We run courses in the sun doing a form of rock climbing called sport climbing. Sport climbing is super accessible compared to British traditional climbing. In sport climbing the protection is permanently attached to the rock, this removes the need to place your own protection on the way up which speeds up and simplifies climbing. 

Climbing becomes all about moving on the rock and allows leaders to climb confidently on much harder challenges. 

A mixture of late year sunshine, excellent continental food and low stress climbing makes for a fantastic trip away with lots and lots of rock adventures. Oh yes and its very rare to be rained off! 

Goto Climb Spain
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We cater for you 

Autism Needs
Health Needs
Health needs 

Getting involved 

Families and friends 

We offer all of our activities as private bookings. It is a great way to tailor the dates, adaptions, and ambitions of you and your friends or family to exactly what you want. 

Join an open trip 

Open trips are a great way to meet other like minded people. Sometimes there is nothing more exciting than sharing an adventure and making life long friends along the way. 

Design your adventure 

Got a dream? Day dream, fleeting fancy or very specific requirements? We are a small and nimble company and can create you a bespoke adventure to meet your needs at home and abroad.

Accessible holidays in the Lake District

Add some days of adventure into your holiday in the Lake District. From full days to multi-days we can help make it a holiday to remember!

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