Freedom the powerboat

All wheelchair access to the lake

Disabled sailor sails solo next to a couple sailing.

Freedom of the lake 

Freedom  is our wheelchair accessible powerboat.

She was named ‘Freedom' in a competition because she is a super enabler. Not only can anyone roll on the super wide ramp and spend the day exploring the lake but with the extending ramp we can access all sorts of exciting activites like bushcraft, fishing, picnicking and pirate style raids for chips in Bowness. 

Having a powerboat that can provide safety cover for people with any need also creates opportunities for those that can be transferred into the canoes or sailng canoes to get out there and try our other watersports.  And for those that can’t transfer you can still be part of a family sailing or canoeing day. 

She's a super enabler

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Freedom is great for 

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Visual impairments






Speech Impairments

Visual Imparement with guide dog

Visual impairment and a guide dog


Down's Syndrome


Older people


Tourettes syndrome 


Use an electric wheelchair 

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Space and calm needs


Need head support 

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Hearing needs

Speak to us if you:

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Have a visual impairment and want to come alone 


Normally have full time support

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Primarily communicate using sign language


Use a hoist to transfer

Freedom Holidays 


Fed up of the car? Transferring in and out everywhere you go.

Spend your holiday at the waters edge with boat based pick up and transfers.

Arrive everywhere like James Bond.

Pubs, parks, top tourist attractions,  an accessible zipwire and National Trust sites can all be found on the lakeside and accessible by powerboat.

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Freedom Fishing


Wheelchair accessible fishing on Windermere. 

Freedom is a great vessel to fish from with a flat bottom to move around, space for a table to put your gear on and a drop front to give unrestricted access to the water. 

Her ramp makes her easy to board and her extension ramp means we can arrange pickups from most places on the lake. 

Book a day £257 including lunch 

A day out on Freedom


A day spent exploring the lake from our South Windermere Base or by pickup from your preferred spot. 

Including a tranquil picnic, or chip shop raid on Bowness. 

Book a day £247 inculding lunch

Freedom Bushcraft


Freedom can be used to access our water edge bushcraft sites. 

Journey down the lake before landing in our secluded forest spot to make camp. 

Together we cook a delicious lunch from scratch over an open fire. 

Book a day £324Add Canoeing there for £30 per person

 Easy ways to book

This sounds great just as it is

If a day out sounds just the thing and you’ve got no questions just pop an enquiry in with  the dates  you want to do and we will get you all set up. 

Book friends and family

Request customisations

When we plan a trip or activity we design it to maximise the range of needs it is accessible for. 

If you have differrent needs and asperations just drop us a line and well get wokring on your perfect day out or holiday package

Lets talk about alternative dates and customisations

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