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Our customers tell us that it is always hard to decipher what something described as accessible really means.

We work the system backwards and start with what your abilites are. 

Our suggestions grid below is divided into four different abilities within mobility and makes suggestions from there.

Nothing is set in stone and many things can be adapted up to meet a wider range of needs so our suggestions are purely a starting point. Please get in touch to discuss any queries you have as everyone has different abilities and levels of determination. 

Whether you are a wheelchair user full time, have difficulty walking or a balance issue, we look forward to playing outside with you. 

Which activities work best for you?

Activities for those needing a hoist or prefer to stay in own wheelchair:

icon head support
 Require head support or  safety straps
Icon electric wheelchair
Use an electric wheelchair full time

You can

Take part from your chair 
Use a hoist to sit in alternative seating
Show me

Activities that work well for those who can transfer:

icon manual wheelchair
Use a self propelled wheelchair
icon electric wheelchair
use electric chair part time

Can you?

icon Sit in alternative Chair
Sit in an alternative chair with back support 
Icon self manage with support
Transfer and self manage with some support

<-- All of the things to the left plus......

these things

Activities for those that can bum shuffle or move short distances

Icon sports wheelchair
Nimble  chair users
Icon Mobilty Aid User
Mobility aid users
Icon Amputee

Can you?

Icon walk 10m
Walk 10m with support 
Icon bum shuffle
Move or bum shuffle short distances 
Icon self transfer
Self-transfer between seats with back support 

<-- All of the things to the left plus......

these things

Activities for those with limited walking

Icon Arthirits
Have arthritus and joint pain
Icon Limb Mobilty
Limited use of limbs
Icon parttime wheelchair user
Use a wheel chair part time
Icon Elderly
Elderly but young at heart 
Icon back pain
Have back Pain
Icon nimble mobilty aid
Nimble mobility aid users

Can you?

Icon walk 1km
Walk up to a kilometre over the course of a day with support 
Icon shuffle freely
Move freely around a small area
Icon Site without backrest
Sit without a backrest 

<-- All of the things to the left plus......

these things

Activities that you can remain in your wheelchair for or use a hoist to access

If you have a specialist seating system or require a hoist to transfer you can still take part in some awesome adventure activities.

Our powerboat “Freedom” is wheelchair accessible with a 900mm access ramp and has an 8 foot extension ramp, which gives us plenty of choices to play out. 

Not only does “Freedom" allow for on boat activities and access to waterside activity venues but she also offers safety cover for other watersports plus providing you with more confidence for playing out on the water.

Between our adaptable water sports equipment, accessible climbing harnesses and wheelchair friendly caves we have plenty of adventures for you to chose from!

How we enable you 

Over head hoist
Wheel on powerboat
Changing Place (Fell Foot)
Manual offroad chair (Fell Foot)
Supportive watersports  seating and harnesses
Wheelchair users drives powerboat

Explore from Freedom the powerboat 

Freedom is a wheelchair accessible powerboat and enables all sort of trips and adventures; fishing, bushcraft, wild swimming and sailing. Because she is wheel-on you can remain in your chair or if you can transfer, you can chose to take control at the steering wheel.

See the Freedom the powerboat page 
Powerboat with big ramp extended
Wheelchair harness

Indoor wall rock climbing

Indoor rock climbing is an excellent sport and thanks to the overhead attachment points and overhanging slopes we can facilitate rock climbing for a wide range of needs. 

There are climbing for all clubs - a specialist club for disabled climbers up and down the country so if you love it there is probably one not too far away. 

Visit the Rock Climbing page
Climbing indoors
Canoe with stabilser

Open Canoeing 

Open canoeing is a great activity - definitely  the worlds most adaptable boat, they are designed to be carried, sailed, turned into a catameran, and bounced down rivers. 

We have a variety of ways of organisaing canoing to meet peoples mobility needs rigth from the super stable canoe catermeran that can facilitate a person on our supportive cushions, to a single canoe with stabilisation, to our exciting short canoes wich are quite nimble and tippy the adventure can be tailored to you. 

Visit the Canoeing page
Catermeran Canoes
Seapig accessible sailng

Sail on Sea Pig (hoist access)

Sea Pig is our super stable sailing boat, with supportive seating, voice-assisted navigation and electronic-assisted steering she's a great little adventure boat to get on the water sailing. 

Hoist access requires us to meet at an alternative venue (not fell foot) 

Visit Sea Pig Sailing page
Haleming accessible sailboat

Activities that you transfer into specialist seating for

Transferring without a hoist onto a specialist seat creates some fantastic opportunities for adapted adventure experiences for fulltime wheelchair users. 

You can take part in all of the adventures in the above section with the option to use less supportive seating and to come out of your chair into more active positions. 

We have a great range of alternative methods to assist you in transferring into the activity equipment and we can also offer activities in a wide variety of venues away from our main base. 

How we enable you

Lifting slings
Supportive seating and harnesses
Changing Place  and accessible shower room
(Fell Foot)
Manual off-road chair (Fell Foot)
Transfer stool
Fire with wheelchair users

Cook ups and Camp outs - Bushcraft

Cooking out, camping out and just generally slowing down the pace of life for an afternoon, a day or even an overnight is fantastic. With the help of our experienced staff team and a can do attitude you will be suprised with how much you can achieve.

We have a wheel chair accessible site on the lake shore , raised fire pits that keep you safer and kinder for the environment, a super stable toilet and raised camp beds to help make bushcraft inclusive. 

Visit the Bushcraft page
Man holds campfire pizza (very proud)
Wheelchair user in sailng canoe

Canoe Sailing 

Canoe sailing is brilliant - generally you're on your own in a super simple sailing boat picking up the gusts and flying with them. We built canoe sailing to make a fun and exciting craft that didn’t need faffy hoisting or the abilty to dive around the boat to have a great time. 

Canoe Sailing page
Back supoprt in a sailng canoe

Activities that you move around a bit for

With the ability to self-propel either on your bottom or by limited standing you can access some additional environments.

This is either because the activity needs some foot and body tension to keep a climbing /abseiling position or because there are sections of the boat where multiple consecutive challenging transfers may be required to navigate the space. 

As well as the activites listed below, the activites above can also be delivered in an even more challenging and active way. 

How we enable you

Bum shuffle boards (moving around sailing boat) 
Supportive seating and harnesses
Portable stable toilet
Manual offroad wheelchair (Fell Foot)
Transfer stool
Wheelchair users rockclimbing

Outdoor Rock Climbing 

Outdoor rock climbing is a very flexible sport and we have a range of methods to empower you to climb including:

Hard gravel wheelchair accessible rock climbing venues
Climbing alongside to help with foot placement and increase grip
Supportive seated harness
Rope systems to counteract gravity and reduce the climbing effort 
Remote abseiling devices

We also have an outdoor venue suitable for some users to do in-chair climbing and abseiling. 

See the Rock Climbing page
Rock climbing gear
Supportive seating on a yacht

Yacht Sailing

In 2020 we pioneered yacht sailing in a totally un-adapted boat for a lady that was a full time chair user.  It was a challenge but possible and a great time was had. 

Since then we’ve had loads of practice and got things really slick 

Access to the boat for wheelchair users is achieved by using the boom as a overhead gantry hoist that can bring you from dock either onto deck or below decks. For some stuff we use our giant ramp to go between dock and deck for ease. 

True adventure stuff

See the Yacht Sailing page
Wheelchair user climbs aboard

Activities with limited walking

For those with some limited mobility there are environments that are accessible where rough ground or access challenges require you to stand and walk. 

These adventures are not  based around a high degree of mobile athletisism: the movement for the actual activity tends to be slow and considered and lots of assistance either from the rope or by team members is available. Hands, feet, (padded) elbow and knee movements are normal and often advantageous. 

As well as the activites listed below the activites above can also be delivered in an even more challeinging and active way. 

How we enable you

Short walk ins
Camping seats for resting
Access most of the way with your mobility aid 
Helping hands 
Plenty of opportunities to rest and eat cake
Helping hand for caver


Caving is awesome and there are a great range of challenges for folks to tackle. Most caves are off the beaten track so some ability to navigate on foot is often required. But not for our pet show cave - this one can facilitate access for all full time chair users. 

We cave at a range of levels; both small or large tunnels, wet or dry caves and horizontal or vertical passageways.

See what caving we do
Underground abseiling
Climbers villa witn pool

Climbing Abroad 

We have a great venue in Spain we use for sunny climbing in the winter. 
Access is rough terrrain but short and we use standard vehicles. Those who can manage small distances on foot will enjoy this. 

Good food, yummy wine, warm rock and sunshine make for a perfect winter break!

See the Climbing Page
Sunny climbning

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