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Rock Climbing 

Adventures on the rock 

Rock Climbing is a unique challenge. A mixture of puzzle solving, balance and learned skill. Contrary to popular belief it does not require great feats of strength or exertion, but rewards effort and persistence with a fantastic feeling of achievement.  

We offer climbing experiences indoors and on real rock.  Both are sports in their own rights and equally rewarding. 

Rock climbing is a great family and group sport that can be enjoyed in almost every city and country. 

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Rock Climbing - More information

A weekend is a great way to get started climbing mixing  indoor and outdoor sessions to get you off to a great start.  In a weekend you should be ready to go to your local climbing wall and start climbing with no further instruction. (to climb top rope and on auto belaying style climbs). 

We also offer trips abroad to climb a version of rock climbing called sport climbing which is different to traditional British climbing - the equipment is already attached to the rock - this is a great progression before going into traditional climbing and the weather is typically much more pleasant 

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Autism and learning Difficulty 

 If your party benefits from very exact times and a visual time table - no problem let us know

If your party needs a quiet and calm environment without strangers - let us know 

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Mobility aid users 

We have a range of venues whereby a wheelchair can access the bottom and others with short flat walks.

We have a range of supportive harnesses and wheelchair abseil venues 

We regularly climb alongside mobility-impaired users to support them 

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Visual impairments

Rock climbing works very well with people with visual impairments as it's a mostly tactile sport where feel for friction and balance is more important than seeing the route.

The key elements in climbing are very close to the face,  our powerful lazer pointers can shine up to identify potential holds 

Using radios on the harness, the team can keep close audible support without shouting

A parallel rope allows a guide alongside providing physical support, coaching and reassurance.

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Auditory Impairment 

We can include those with audio impairments via high quality and needs aware instructors.

By arrangement, we can often source an assistant instructor fluent in BSL. 

We possess a bank of 2-way radios we utilise to help those with reduced hearing to understand instructions and communicate. These can output directly to earpieces or T-loop compatible hearing aids 

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Rock Day
Try climbing and abseiling
Have a go session 
Great stand alone day out with friends
Generally delivered outdoors 
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Introduction to rock climbing 
Get started with the knowledge to become an independant climber
Weekend or 2 day course
Leave able to climb at climbing walls independently
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Paddling away in a canoe with stabilisers
Learn to Climb
Custom courses to get you climbing outdoors independently 
Learn to use the equipment and techniques to climb outdoors independently 
Customised to your experience level
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Climbing in Sunny Spain
Get away from the rain 
Sport climbing is an easy to access form of climbing 
Ideal for those progressing from indoor climbing 
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Rock day 

Try rock climbing 

A rock day is a great way to get a taste of climbing where the emphasis is on having a great time and having a go. 

After meeting and travelling into the climbing venue we quickly get you on the rock trying a variety of different climbing challenges. 
Lunch is, as always, included. 

Normally we have a go at abseiling, descending from the top while the abseiler controls the rope during the day. 

We have a range of convenient meeting points to suit your needs and minimise travel time. We operate from venues near Coniston, Ingleton, Grange Over Sands and Ullswater. 

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Rock Climbing Weekend

Get started in Rock Climbing 

Where the "try rock day" is all about getting hands on the rock and having a great experience and focuses on helping people get started in the sport of climbing.

Mixing indoor and outdoor venues we look at all the skills needed to safely take part in climbing. You will leave ready to walk in to a climbing wall with the skill needed to use an indoor climbing wall as a normal user and to be an outdoor “second”. 

“Seconds” are partners to “lead” climbers, seconding is the path most climbers take to climbing outdoors. Seconds follow a lead climber up the rock, operating the rope, removing the gear and climbing literally “second”. Most seconds progress to becoming lead climbers over time and thus are always in demand.

Being a well trained second makes you a popular person to invite to climb with and recruit through clubs, climbing wall notice boards or online climbing forums.

PricingJoin our open weekend - 18 - 19 June 2022
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Learn to Climb 

A custom course to advance your climbing towards leading 

A custom course to advance your climbing towards leading 
The starting point for a learn to climb course begins with your own level of experience. The end point is to get you to the goal of being able to arrive at a British climbing venue and lead your own attempt to climb a route from the bottom to the top.

We will teach you about placing protection, rope management, escape strategies and looking after your second. 

Typically, a person who regularly leads on indoor climbs will need 3 days to transition to climbing outdoors.

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Climbing in Sunny Spain

Easy, Fun and in the sun

We run courses in the sun doing a form of rock climbing called sport climbing. Sport climbing is super accessible compared to British traditional climbing. In sport climbing the protection is permanently attached to the rock, this removes the need to place your own protection on the way up which speeds up and simplifies climbing. 

Climbing becomes all about moving on the rock and allows leaders to climb confidently on much harder challenges. 

A mixture of late year sunshine, excellent continental food and low stress climbing makes for a fantastic trip away with lots and lots of rock adventures. Oh yes and its very rare to be rained off! 

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Anyone Can - Climbing Experiences Pricing 

Rock Day 

  • Includes all equipment and lunch 

  • Normally on outdoor rock

  •  No Experience required

  • Great fun challenge

  • Upto 8 Climbers 

Introduction to Rock Climbing

  • Includes all equipment and lunch 

  • Two days 10am to 4pm 

  • No Experience Nessasary 

  • Normal Meet point: Ingleton 

  • No Minimum group size

Learn to Climb

Person Climbing Multipitch in Mountains
  • Includes all equipment and lunch

  • Single days or multi days available

  • Custom courses or join an open trip

  • Best for those who have at least tried climbing before

  • Lead climbing and multi pitch climbing can be arranged

Climbing in Sunny Spain

View of spanish cliff towering above village
  • Custom courses or join an open trip

  • All food, equipment and accomodation included or a climbing guide for the day can be provided

  • Best for those who have at least tried climbing before

  • A great trip for some winter sunshine and guaranteed outdoor climbing 

Booking with Anyone Can

We have a range of methods by which you can book and pay for adventures with Anyone Can. For quick individual bookings you can use our AirBnB page to book individual days.

For everything else the best thing to do is drop us an enquiery and we can discuss your needs, dates and ambitions further. 

We host a range of open trips for people throughout the year for indivudauals and small groups to join like minded people on our more adventurous trips enquire for more details 

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