Sea Pig - Small Yacht Adventures 

The perfect way to get sailing on Windermere 

Sea Pig is our Bay Raider Expedition boat. She is designed for close inshore adventure sailing; she’s fast, nimble, responsive and hard to capsize.

This makes her an ideal lake cruising boat to teach sailing in, picnic and camp from, explore Windermere and adapt to a wide variety of specific needs.

Sea Pig is rated for 6 adults so can take 5 clients and the instructor.

With up to 4 sails, oars and an engine Sea Pig is super flexible and can meet you at your waterside accommodation freeing you from the car for the day.

We can anchor for lunch, pop up the windbreak or sprayhood and even hide below in her little cabin if it is chilly. Alternatively, we hoist the pirate flag and raid the local chip shop for a warm top-up. 

Sail and Wild Camp Weekend 


Take a mini sailing adventure and come back with great stories. 

A fantastic experience for families with children looking for a very different weekend. 

Sail down to our secret waterside bushcraft spot and sleep out under the stars.

This is what small boats are for; mini-adventures.

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Sailing Days on Windermere


A day spent having a go and getting a feel for what it means to sail.

Perfect for beginners, rusty old hands, and those feeling less confident. 

We set sail within minutes of your arrival, explore the lake and enjoy a lovely lunch anchored in a bay.

An exciting day of your holiday or day out. 

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Sailing the boat  Weekend


We run a weekend dedicated simply to sailing the boat. 

Perfect for those who simply want to go sailing - perhaps you’ve done lessons and are itching to get out there or perhaps you want to just have the experience of spending time afloat without the pressure of learning. 

 Climb aboard and we will just sail (till we arrive at the other end) with the skipper on hand to do or supervise the difficult bits. Before heading back the next day

Indoor accessible accomodation

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Learn to Sail Weekends

Yacht sails with sun shining through near Aaron

Sea Pig is an ideal teaching platform. She is both a responsive and easy to handle boat underway and a stable platform for learners while stopped.

Sea Pig is self-sufficient for teaching and as such can move to the best parts of the lake or even start the lesson from your waterside accommodation.

With features of both a dinghy and a yacht, we can teach most aspects of dinghy sailing and keelboat sailing from a single vessel.

This is an excellent option for those thinking they want to begin sailing or buy a boat

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Sailing days - Sail Windermere England's Largest Lake

Green yacht surges under red sails

A full day on the water having a great go of sailing.

The day starts ensuring everyone has the kit they need to be comfortable for the day and then motoring away from the shore. Very soon you will be hoisting the sails and learning the ropes. Expect to steer and operate the boat yourselves while your instructor guides you.

We spend some time making sure everyone is comfortable and has suitable seating and support before setting off for our first experience.

We all share a single boat which has a big cockpit and plenty of space.

After a hearty lunch and reflection on the morning’s introductory sail, it is time to get back out there, with more knowledge and technique to see if you can sail a triangular course - your first sailing milestone. 

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Dates and Costs 

  • Book anytime or join a group

  • Arrive 10am Fell Foot Active base near Newby bridge

  • Drive Away 16:00

  • Join a Group £115 per person

    Book a family for £353 (based on 4 persons)

    Book a grooup for £371 (based on 5) 

What is included?

  • All technical equipment

  • Royal Yachting Sailing Instructor

  • Launching and Landing fees

  • Waterproofs and Gloves

    Our lovely lunch

What do we actually do?

  • Fit safety gear 

  • Look at comfortable seating and adaptions

  • Silently (electric) motor off the dock into safe space

  • Hoist the sails and learn the ropes 

  • Hand over control 

  • Anchor up for lunch

Seapig day yacht general Accessibility Statement



  • Suitable for people with no vision

  • AR_V%20 %20Water%20Happy%20Guide%20Dogs%20Welcome

    We can accommodate water happy assistance dogs - please confirm before booking 


    Controls identified by tactile and bright colour markers



AR_C%20 %20Self%20Manages%20Day%20to%20Day
  • Suitable for those able to self-manage without dedicated support or with a dedicated carer (who could drive between sites)

  • We will help with meals, reminding about medications etc 

  • Participants should be capable of understanding and acting appropriately  without constant supervision 



    Come with an adventure buddy



  • AR_M%20 %20Can%20Sit%20Unsupported%20on%20a%20Bench%203

    Regular transfers are required.  These are between a good quality, level, floating platform, transfer stool and boat. 

    AR_M%20 %20Can%20Bum%20Shuffle%201

    This trip is possible for an adventurous wheelchair user who can self-transfer and bum shuffle


    Fully accessible (changing place) toilet at the main base 

    We have supportive seating and heeling support straps for the boat

    The ballasted nature of the boat means the sailor can control the main controlls and steering from a single seated position. 



  • AR_A%20 %20Can%20Hear%20Instructions%20or%20Lip%20Read

    Suitable for people with most auditory impairments that do not require signing to communicate 

  • A BSL assistant instructor is occasionally available

  • We have radios and Tloop transmission units to aid hearing when separated in differing boats 



    Come with an adventure buddy



    Arrange an Anyone Can volunteer guide

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