Adventures for people with cognitive needs


We spend lots of our time adventuring with people who have a cognitive need or learning disability. 

We have a huge range of strategies and techniques to enable the adventurer with an additional learning need to have a fulfilling, exciting and challenging adventure. 

With such a wide range of differing needs covered in this topic it is worth chatting through with us directly how we can help. 

But first read on you will find some great ideas to get you started

Which activities work best for you?

Sensory adventurer

You mostly benefit from the differing sights, sounds and sensations of the outdoor adventure

You can

Take part from your chair 
Use a hoist to sit in alternative seating
Use supportive seating with optional safety straps 
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Managed  adventurer

You need a dedicated person:  someone  to help you understand instructions and manage your needs

Can you?

Icon self manage with support
Self manage personal care with some support


Icon self manage with support
Bring a guide/friend/carer
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Guided learner 

You need extra time and strategies  to learn a skill and make decisions. 

You are good at applying  skills you have been taught and following instructions with close support

Can you?

Icon walk 10m
Manage daily living tasks independently (washing, teeth, dressing)
Icon bum shuffle
Reliably follow instructions and safety rules with help
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Independent traveller

You need a hand with arrangements, time to process and reminders about self management

Can you?

Icon walk 1km
Manage daily living, national travel and planning independently  
Icon shuffle freely
Apply skills and make decisions independently with support
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Happy making dough

Excellent sensory activities

We mostly offer our sesnsory activities outdoors where the wind and rain, sun and shadows and motion all contribute to the experience. 

Often with sensory activity adventurers they have some mobility needs and we have taken this into consideration. 

How we enable you 

Over head hoist
Wheel on powerboat
Changing Place (Fell Foot)
Manual offroad chair (Fell Foot)
Seating with optional safety straps
Wheelchair users drives powerboat

Explore from Freedom the powerboat 

Freedom is a wheelchair accessible powerboat and enables all sort of trips and adventures; fishing, bushcraft, wild swimming and sailing. Because she is wheel-on you can remain in your chair or if you can transfer, you can chose to take control at the steering wheel.

See the Freedom the powerboat page 
Powerboat with big ramp extended
Fire with wheelchair users

Cook ups and Camp outs - Bushcraft

Cooking out, camping out and just generally slowing down the pace of life for an afternoon, a day or even an overnight is fantastic. With the help of our experienced staff team and a can do attitude you will be suprised with how much you can achieve.

We have a wheel chair accessible site on the lake shore , raised fire pits that keep you safer and kinder for the environment, a super stable toilet and raised camp beds to help make bushcraft inclusive. 

Visit the Bushcraft page
Man holds campfire pizza (very proud)
Wheelchair harness

Indoor wall rock climbing

Indoor rock climbing is an excellent sport and thanks to the overhead attachment points and overhanging slopes we can facilitate rock climbing for a wide range of needs. 

There are climbing for all clubs - a specialist club for disabled climbers up and down the country so if you love it there is probably one not too far away. 

Visit the Rock Climbing page
Climbing indoors
Canoe with stabilser

Open Canoeing 

Open canoeing is a great activity - definitely  the worlds most adaptable boat, they are designed to be carried, sailed, turned into a catermeran, and bounced down rivers. 

We have a variety of ways of organisaing canoing to meet peoples mobilty needs rigth from the super stable canoe catermeran that can facilitate a person on our supportive cushions, to a single canoe with stabilisation, to our exciting short canoes wich are quite nimble and tippy the adventure can be tailored to you. 

Visit the Canoeing page
Catermeran Canoes
Seapig accessible sailng

Sail on Sea Pig (hoist access coming soon)

Sea Pig is our super stable sailing boat and very new to us. She currently undergoing conversion for Spring 2021 to make her accessible and we are also expecting a hoist that is overdue from lockdown 2020 to appear in 2021 making Sea Pig, Fell Foots Changing Place and the hoist a perfect acessibe watersports adventure base.

Visit Sea Pig Sailing page
Haleming accessible sailboat

Activities great for active adventureres with a dedicated enabler

For those looking to for more independence and requiring 1:1 support all of the activities above are excellent options with lots of different ways to take charge.

Excellent options for people with a learning disability to  be a direct part of the action whilst having loads of support is canoe sailing in our speacilly built canoe saling boats or rock climbing

How we enable you

Activities for you and your carer together
Supportive seating and harnesses
Wheelchair user in sailng canoe

Canoe Sailing 

Canoe sailing is brilliant - generally your on your own in a super simple sailing boat picking up the gusts and flying with them. We built canoe sailing to make a fun and exciting craft that didn’t need faffy hoisting or the abilty to dive arround the boat to have a great time. 

Canoe Sailing page
Back supoprt in a sailng canoe
Wheelchair users rockclimbing

Outdoor Rock Climbing 

Outdoor rock climbing is a very flexible sport one of the wonderful aspects is that whilst we play together in the same place and work together to keep each other safe: the challenge is truly personal. 

How high you go, how much support you use and how hard the challenge you take on is all personal choice and can range from a small part of an easy climb with someone right next to you at one end of the scale.

At the other more extreem end is tackling hard climbs with only ground support. 

In the end we can give bags of support to get people having great adventures on and around the rock 

See the Rock Climbing page
Rock climbing gear

Activities for guided adventurers  

Some activites  rely on personal performace and dynamic understadning of the situation arround you for your safety and enjoyment.

Activties for guided adventureres can typically travel further from home and for longer durations. 

How we enable you

Skilled help on hand
Vounteer helpers 
Structured days
Supportive seating on a yacht

Yacht Sailing

Yacht sailing is a fantastic environement for adventureres who have a learnign disablity or cogantive need becuse we are genuinely ‘in it togetether’ a team of differing skills working togheter to manage the boat, feed the crew and explore together. 

This means you can be jack of all trades flitting around doing new and different activities to keep yourself cahllneged or alternatively be in charge of trimming a single rope. 

One gentleman just loves making the tea but he is brillent becasue he can make tea in some pretty impressie conditions where most wont dare going down below.. 

See the Yacht Sailing page
Wheelchair user climbs aboard
Helping hand for caver


We cave at a range of levels; both small or large tunnels, wet or dry caves and horizontal or vertical passageways.  This is a truly unique enviroment and below grond we can find absolute quiet and pure darkness where not single a photo penetrates. 

See what caving we do
Underground abseiling

Adventures for independent travellers 

For some people with a learning diffcultyhaving the confidence to  travel and adventure with support is a dream.

We don't do coach tours to look at stuff we go to beutiful places and do great things with support and skilled leaders.

How we enable you

Skilled help on hand
Structured days
Climbers villa witn pool

Climbing Abroad 

We have a great venue in Spain we use for sunny climbing in the winter. 

We arrange everything from pickup at the airport, including the food, the climbing and where were sleeping. For those who have a love of rock climbing this is a dream trip european warm coastal climibng is the climbers holiday. 

Good food, yummy wine, warm rock and sunshine make for a perfect winter break!

See the Climbing Page
Sunny climbning

European Start up Funded 

European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development  

Europe investing in rural areas

Anyone Can: Connecting Transport Hubs to Lake Shores - Accessible Canoeing

Purchase of an accessible powered support and rescue vessel, and a mobile fleet of canoes with trailer

It is part funded by the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development 

Supported by the Cumbria Fells and Dales Local Action Group 

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