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Inclusive adventure days out in the Lake District

Seapig rushes through the water

SeaPig tiny yacht adventures

SeaPig is a Swallow Yachts Bay Raider Expedition 

She has a huge cockpit for 5 guests, she has been adapted to faciitate a huge range of people with specific needs. 

SeaPig is water balasted making her super stable which gives us unrivaled felxilibilty to do great stuff like; long journeys on the lake, learing to sail weekends, sailng camp outs or Duke of Edinburgh Expeditions. 

She has upto 4 sails flying at one time so there is no shortage fo things to do to keep the crew busy. 

Seapig Sailing webpage
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Try Yacht Sailing on Winderemere

We make yacht sailng accessible to a huge range of people with specific needs. The boats themselves are not adapted in any way but with some clever kit and techniques we can improve the access and make it possible for most. 

The point is of course to be on the open sea but testing the systems and having a go makes sence on Winderemre. 

We have tecniques for hoist access, mecanical help with winching and ways of moiving around below. 

Try Yacht sailing Winderemere
Omega Sailng into the distance
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Canoing into the mountains

Canoe Windermere 

Get started with canoeing

From fitting your buoyancy aid, to manoeuvring in the wind and what to do when you encounter difficulties.

It’s not all teaching, we get a short paddle journey in there and a delicious lunch. 

Typical timings are meet at 10am, lunch at 12:30 on the lake shore and finished up by 4pm.

Getting wet is optional but staying dry isn’t guaranteed (there are options for those who need not to capsize)

Canoing Page
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Sitting around the campfire

Canoe Traditional Journey 

What canoes are made for: Journeying 

This day is about using the canoes for their born purpose - going out and doing stuff.

After a short introduction and refresh we load the boat with delicious raw food and set off into the open water - about a third of the way down the lake.

The journey takes 2-3 hours normally and is quite beautiful. When we get where we are going, out comes the kit: traditional kettles, fire bases, pizza pans, mugs and everything else needed to self sufficiently cook a delicious meal over fire in a stunning location. When we’re done we clean up the site and paddle home.

Canoeing page
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4 Canoeists in the reeds.

Rock day 

Try rock climbing 

A rock day is a great way to get a taste of climbing where the emphasis is on having a great time and having a go. 

After meeting and travelling into the climbing venue we quickly get you on the rock trying a variety of different climbing challenges. 
Lunch is, as always, included. 

Normally we have a go at abseiling, descending from the top while the abseiler controls the rope during the day. 

We have a range of convenient meeting points to suit your needs and minimise travel time. We operate from venues near Coniston, Ingleton, Grange Over Sands and Ullswater. 

Rock Climbing page
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Pot on an open fire.

Cave Day

Straight into some great caves

Cave day is for those happy to get straight underground and into challenges.

Caves vary by weather and abilities but in general we cave where there are obstacles to overcome throughout: climbing and descending or squeezing and crawling generally without the need for specialist equipment but occasionally ropes are used on short sections to help keep people safe.

Previous experience is not needed and nothing is too hard or scary but ‘a can do’ confident attitude is essential. 

Caving page
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Three Happy Cavers

Try Caving

For those a bit nervous

For many the thought of caving is a little daunting, yet still appealing. The ‘try cave’ day takes this into account starting with the easiest and most accessible cave we know with a lovely underground waterfall to visit.

On exit and following a bite to eat we visit another cave with a range of challenges to try. A great low pressure day of guaranteed caving.

For those nervous about their abilities the try cave day is a great option to test out our inclusivity strategies.  

Caving Page

Fast Dinghy Sailing 

Our Omega is a fantastic boat for a wet and wild adventure.

Set out like a racing boat  she is desinged to teach fast saling technique on a boat that is hard to break. 

If your looking for a physical, busy experiecne of sailing give us a call.

We don’t book this one  without chatting it through first with guests. 

Omega Sailng into the distance
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Canoe sailer smiles back

Canoe Sailing 

A full day on the water haveing a great go of sailing in a lively little boat 

The day starts with building your own boat so you slowly get to learn what each bit does and how to use it an a chilled out environment. 

We spend some time making sure everyone is comfaratable and has suitable seating and supoprt before setting off for our first experience. We tow you to a nice quiest and low stress bit of the lake before settig you off. 

People mostly go solo but there is space for a friend, carere or helper in the boat for those that would benefit from the help. You’re not fully on your own though our nippy powerboat does sheepdog duties while the instructor gives guidance via easy to hear onboard walkie talkies. 

After a hearty lunch and reflection on the moringing, its time to get back out there, this time armed with a bit more knowlegde and techiue to see if you can sail a triangualr course  - your first sailing milestone. 

Canoe Sailing Page
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