Canoe Sailing Day

Fast to learn - zero to fun in a short time

Disabled sailor sails solo next to a couple sailing.

An unexpected discovery on the search for accessible adventure

Canoe sailing is a little bit punk. The sailing clubs might scoff, but the sailing canoe doesn't care as it blasts straight past in a whisper of wind. 

We developed canoe sailing out of necessesity - we needed a sailing boat that people could get into easily whilst offering folk independence combined with adrenaline. Canoe sailing is a well kept secret, it exists as a sport but few have discovered it.

Once in the canoe all the controls are right in front of you, the steering is to one side and there is one sitting position, and once you are comfortable there is no need to move to balance the boat or duck for the boom passing over head. 

It turns out that canoe sailing is awesome 

We love canoe sailing,  it makes us smile - they accelerate like nothing else and give a rush as they kick up their heels and shoot off.

I can’t help but smile when out in our wee boats and neither can our customers. 

There is probably no more exhilarating way to explore Englands largest lake.

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Canoe Sailing is great for 

Visiual imparement with helper

Visual impairment and your own guide

Visual Imparement with guide dog

Visual impairment and a guide dog

Visual%20 %20Walking%20Cane

Have a visual impairment and want to come alone 




Down's Syndrome

Austism%20and%20learning%20difficulties%20 %20sunflower%20person

Space and calm needs




Older people


Walking sticks or aids

Wheelchair%20 %20Manual

Manual Chair users


Speech Impairments


Tourettes syndrome 

hearing%20imparement%20 %20t-loop

Hearing impairment

Speak to us if you:

Visual%20 %20Walking%20Cane

Have a visual impairment and want to come alone 


Normally have full time support


Need head support 

Sign%20User%20 %20Hello%20Sign%201

Primarily communicate using sign language


Use an electric wheelchair 


Use a hoist to transfer

Canoe Sailing Overnight Camp 


Take a mini Canoe Sailing adventure and come back with great stories.

A fantastic experience people looking for a very different weekend. 

Same abilty requirements to  camp as sailing 

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 Canoe Sailing Days


A day spent having a go and getting a feel for what it means to sail.

Perfect for beginners, rusty old hands, and those feeling less confident.

An exciting day of your holiday or day out. 

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Learn to Canoe Sail


Sailfast weekends are all about getting a real feel and understanding for Sailing. Careful it's easy to get addicted.

Expect whoops of joy, heart in the mouth moments and a great laugh with Chris and the team.

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 Canoe Sail & Wild Camp 

Yacht sails with sun shining through near Aaron

Canoe Sailing on tour. 

Have you done a day with us Canoe Sailing and ready for the next challenge?

Canoe Sailing on the amazing Loch Lomond with an island overnight campout.

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Canoe sailing days

A full day on the water having a great go of sailing. 

The day starts with building your own boat so you slowly get to learn what each bit does and how to use it in a chilled out environment. 

We spend some time making sure everyone is comfortable and has suitable seating and support before setting off for our first experience. We tow you to a nice quiet and low stress area on the lake before setting you off. 

People mostly go solo but there is space for a friend, carer or helper in the boat for those that would benefit from extra help. You're never fully on your own though as our nippy powerboat does sheepdog duties while the instructor gives guidance via easy to hear onboard walkie talkies. 

After a hearty lunch and reflection on the morning’s introductory sail it is time to get back out there, with more knowlegde and technique to see if you can sail a triangular course  - your first sailing milestone. 

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Learn to canoe sail weekends

If you want to learn to sail or think sailing might be your thing a weekend is ideal.  It is enough time to really start to understand the basics, enjoy plenty of time on the water and increase your confidence as you explore the lake by sail.

We do both days from the same place and leave the boats set up so that day 2 is much more focused on sailing time.  

We have a range of great suggestions for accomodation, and if you need transport we can arrange a package to suit which is important if your arriving by train. 

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Join us on the 1st and 2nd July 2023
Join us on the 23rd-24th of October 2023
or request some different dates
Wendy%20sailing%20fast 1

Canoe Sailing overnight camp

Sailing is about going somewhere and one fantastic option is to go for a wild night out.  

We have a fantastic spot with good access for a range of needs, cunning toileting solutions and all the overnight equipment you need. 

The first day starts much like the other canoe sailing courses apart from we never turn round. Lunch is somewhere new and so is dinner. The next day we keep going. 

We will also teach you how to build and light a campfire which will be used for cooking over, as well as sitting around and relaxing in the evening. This is not a campsite experience but it is comfortable with privacy, great food and comfort. It is a wilderness experience, and we take everything we need for a memorable camp and carry everything out again in the morning. This does include the toilet!

This has the same ability criteria as the other canoe sailing activities - yes you can.

Email to set up some dates

Canoe Sail - Loch Lomond

Sailing is about exploring so this year for the first time we are off exploring in our Sailing Canoes across the border into Scotland and you are invited. This years destination - Loch Lomond; huge, wild and oddly populated by wombats! 

This is a proper adventure that many can access, in true Anyone Can Style. 

Join us on 19 July 2022

Canoe sailing accessibility statement 

Ability Icon Vision


  • AR_V%20 %20Perceve%20Object%20at%20100m

    Suitable for all those who can perceive and identify objects 100m away 


    or bring a friend 


    or ask about a volunteer guide

  • Controls are laid out on a fixed rack to make them easy to identify

  • We coach by radio to help guide and interpret the conditions

  • Great sailing is as much about the other senses than sight - you can feel, hear and sense the boat's reactions to make adjustments to sail well

    Our boats can accommodate a dedicated helper

Ability Icon Cognition


  • We also offer dedicated cognitive needs editions

    AR_C%20 %20Self%20Manages%20Day%20to%20Day
  • Suitable for those able to self manage without dedicated support 

    Participants should be capable of understanding and be able to follow instructions consistently - most sailing safety comes from some core rules. If not, please bring a dedicated helper


    or bring a friend

  • Our boats can accommodate a dedicated helper

Ability icon mobility


  • AR_M%20 %20Can%20Sit%20Unsupported%20on%20a%20Bench%203

    You need to be able to sit upright without being strapped in but with back and side support


    or speak to us about an in-boat volunteer (to allow strap support) 

  • AR_M%20 %20Can%20Bum%20Shuffle%201
  • To drive the powerboat (currently), you must be able to bum shuffle 

    To sail you must have good motion in at least one arm

  • You do not need to be able to manoeuvre quickly or dash around

    Seating in the Canoe trimaran and Powerboat can be in a supportive watersports seat

    On-site wheelchair accessible toilets, showers, changing place and level access cafe

Ability Icon Auditory


  • AR_A%20 %20Can%20Hear%20Instructions%20or%20Lip%20Read

    Suitable for people with most auditory impairments that do not require signing to communicate or bring an interpreter


    or bring a friend 

  • A BSL assistant instructor is occasionally available

  • We have radios and T-loop transmission units to aid hearing when separated or the wind hinders hearing 

  • The site has t-loop systems in the office, shop and cafe

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