Our Participation Statement 

Things you should be aware of if taking part in adventurous activities 

Participation statement - Just so you know…

All adventure activities (like all activities) carry an element of risk.

This statement is to make you aware of specific risks you, your party and your children may be exposed to.

Some are just the normal risks associated with being in an outdoor activity setting and some are specific to the kind of activity being undertaken.

Anyone Can works incredibly hard to ensure that risks are managed appropriately and aim to manage any hazards to a level where the benefits of outdoor activity provides more benefit than additional risk.

General risks of being outdoors:

The weather and environment can make you, too hot or too cold, give you sunburn and make things difficult (particularly the wind).

The ground underfoot can be rough, slippery, frozen or loose, causing trips and falls.

The outdoor environment can be unpredictable causing lateness, late meals and delayed post activity plans.

Surfaces can be sharp, hard and jagged and cause minor cuts, twisted limbs and bruises. Some things outside sting.

The presence of allergens should be expected including tree nuts, dogs, horses and pollen.

Toilets and medical help can be a long period of time away. If medical or specific toilet needs are likely, we have options to stay close but not all activities have this option.

Climbing and abseiling activities expose people to heights beyond that which is safe  without properly utilising the equipment and following instructions. Whenever there are things moving above you there is a risk of things (stones, dropped phones, small pieces of equipment) being dropped on you below.   Anything thrown from the top could be highly dangerous to other users.

Canoeing, kayaking, sailing and paddle boarding take place on deep water. Falling in is always possible and for some sports normal.

All boats move, the hulls and shoreline can be slippery.

Sailing boats have moving parts at head height that can hit people.

Fires and cooking appliances are hot and make the things around them hot.

This is simply a warning and these hazards are well managed but it’s only fair to share the kinds of, out of daily life, risks that are naturally present.

All being said we believe well managed outdoor activities to be inherently low risk and highly beneficial.

I recognise the risks outlined above for my activity and that not all risks can be sensibly managed to no risk at all. Knowing this I would like to the part in the following 

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