Adventures exploring underground

Being deep underground is a unique experience. The peace, beauty and darkness of the caves envelop you, and your small group in the bubble of light given off by your head torch.

Caving is both humbling and exciting: a natural wonderland where every formation out-ages your whole known family tree. 

Caves have each formed with their own unique character and challenges which make it a fantastic sport when adapted at the right level for our adventurous customers. From entering via a waterfall using a rope to wheeling in a wheelchair through large water-worn passageways - there are options aplenty.

We run caving days and weekend multi cave trips.

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Icon Cognative Needs

Autism and learning difficulty 

 If your party benefits from very exact timings and a visual time table - no problem let us know

If your party needs a quiet and calm environment without strangers - let us know 

Icon Mobility Needs

Mobility aid users 

We have a range of venues whereby a wheelchair can access some of the caves - and the entrance to others

Caving generally has an undulating bottom but plenty to lean on for support (passage walls). Some caves involve crawling. 

Icon Visual Needs

Visual impairments

With passage walls to guide you caving makes an exellent experience for those with visual impairments

For all users - sighted or otherwiase caving is a tactile experience 

Most caves are accessed via easy tracks

Caving, even at its hardest - working with ropes and ladders is accessible to those with visual impairments 

Icon Auditory Needs

Auditory Impairment 

We can include those with audio impairments via high quality and needs aware instructors.

By arrangement, we can often source an assistant instructor fluent in BSL. 

We possess a bank of 2-way radios that we utilise to help those with reduced hearing to understand instructions and communicate. These can output directly to earpieces or T-loop compatible hearing aids 

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Try Cave 

Easy caving for those a bit nervous 

Caves where you can turn around and walk back out of

Crawling and squeezing are totally optional

No experience necessary

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Cave Day 

Straight into some of the more interesting caves 

May involve some hands and feet climbing

Will involve crawing sections

Generally a short morning cave followed by an early lunch and then a more challenging cave

Experience not necessary (confident outlook needed)

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Paddling away in a canoe with stabilisers

Ropes and Ladders Caving

For those already happy with horizontal caving 

Uses ropes and ladders to access more challenging caves

A short training session followed by lunch and a vertical cave 

Horizontal caving experience needed or do a weekend with our “cave day" first

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lady and dog paddle tranquil loch.

Caving weekends

Open or private bookings

Typically based at a caving hut or bunkhouse

Join up with other intersting people

Great fun and social

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Three Happy Cavers

Try Cave 

For those a bit nervous

For many the thought of caving is a little daunting, yet still appealing. The ‘try cave’ day takes this into account starting with the easiest and most accessible cave we know with a lovely underground waterfall to visit.

On exit and following a bite to eat we visit another cave with a range of challenges to try. A great low pressure day of guaranteed caving.

For those nervous about their abilities the try cave day is a great option to test out our inclusivity strategies.  

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Pot on an open fire.

Cave Day

Straight into some great caves

Cave day is for those happy to get straight underground and into challenges.

Caves vary by weather and abilities but in general we cave where there are obstacles to overcome throughout: climbing and descending or squeezing and crawling generally without the need for specialist equipment but occasionally ropes are used on short sections to help keep people safe.

Previous experience is not needed and nothing is too hard or scary but ‘a can do’ confident attitude is essential. 

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Paddler paddles away from sunrise.

Ropes and Ladders (R&L)

Caving in more challenging terrain

Cave R&L is for people that have tried the kind of things we offer in cave day and want more. Caving is quite addictive so cave R&L is the next stage. In Cave R&L we start using ropes and special roll- up ladders to allow areas to be accessed that would not be physically possible without. Deeper drops and traverses with sheer drops are features of many of the R&L style caves we visit.

Previous horizontal caving experience is needed - you must already know how you will cope in a cave where exiting is not a readily available option. The first morning of ropes and ladder courses start above ground with rope training followed by an afternoon underground and a second consecutive day of pure caving on our weekend courses. 

Climbing through Cave

Cave Weekends

Make a weekend of it

Our caving weekends are a bit different - join us in one of the club huts or caving bunkhouses. During the weekend we run either a cave day followed by cave R&L day or two Cave R&L days for those who have already caved with us. You get to mix with a range of experience levels and come away with great friends and stories.

26 - 27 November 202218 - 19 February 2023 Book own trip

Anyone Can - Caving Experiences Pricing 

Try Cave

  • Includes all equipment and lunch 

  • Full Day 

  •  No Experience required

  • Normal Meet point: Ingleton 

    Great fun challenge

  • Upto 8 Cavers 

Caving Day

  • Includes all equipment and lunch 

  • Full Day 

  • No Experience Nessasary 

  • Normal Meet point: Ingleton 

  • Upto 8 Cavers 

Ropes and Ladders

  • Full day

  • Includes all equipment and lunch 

    Full day

  • For those who have tried caving before

    Normal Meet point: Ingleton 

    Upto 6 Cavers 

Caving Weekends

  • Arrive Friday and leave Sunday night 

  • All food, equipment and accommodation included 

  • Includes transport from Oxenholme (westcoast mainline) 

  • 2 days Caving 

  • Amazing social experience

Booking with Anyone Can

We have a range of methods by which you can book and pay for adventures with Anyone Can.  For quick individual bookings you can use our AirBnB page to book individual days.

For everything else the best thing to do is drop us an enquiry and we can discuss your needs, dates and ambitions further. 

We host a range of open trips for people throughout the year for indivudauals and small groups to join like minded people on our more adventurous trips. Please enquire for more details.

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