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Canoeing is Brilliant

Flexible Adapatable and Fun Adventures on the water

Canoeing has to be the most flexible, adaptable and fun way to go on adventures - the reason is simple,  the same craft can be paddled, sailed or even motored,  it can be wobbly, stable or even bounced down rivers. You can have a gentle relaxing trip on the lake in them, adventure all the way across the country or take the exhilarating gravity train down the river towards the sea.

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Canoeing - something for everyone 

There really is something for everyone and the place to start - and progress to bigger and more exciting things is with Anyone Can.

We host a range of adventures based around canoes. Most people join us at an introduction to canoeing day or weekend in the Lake District that progresses from the first steps to how to look after yourself and your family on open water. Even better because we work with prebooked groups we can give you a professional instructor and lunch for little more than it would cost to hire the boats at a walk in hire place.

On top of this you should know we charge fixed pricing and accept all abilities and those that are disabled. Our price promise is never to charge less to the fully able - that’s right, we’re an adapted needs supplier with a range of adapted kit and support,  but charge no more than ability normal clients.

Have a look at our range of adventures based in canoes and come try us out on a introductory day or weekend.  

Icon Cognative Needs

Autism and learning Difficulty 

 If your party benefits from very exact times and a visual time table - no problem, let us know.

If your party needs a quiet and calm environment without strangers - let us know.

We can run “capsizeless” or "capsize very unlikely" sessions - just let us know.

Icon Moblity

Mobility aid users 

We have a range of options to help users into canoes and to support them when they are using them. Have a chat to us about your individual needs 

For those who require to stay in their own chair we have a wheel chair accessible powerboat we can use. 

We have a range of supportive adaptive seating for users who can transfer from their own chair, including manual handling slings and transfer stools to help.

Our main base has both an accessible toilet and shower and a full changing table available 

We have access to an offroad wheelchair for those who need it to get around site 

icon Visual impariment

Visual impairments

Canoeing is a great activity for those with a visual impairment.  It is a very tactile sport and with the addition of our in-boat radio communications equipment, users with a visual impairment can be guided to paddle solo, with a friend or guide

Icon Auditory Needs

Auditory Impairment 

We can include those with audio impairments via high quality and needs aware instructors.

By arrangement, we can often source an assistant instructor fluent in BSL. 

We possess a bank of 2-way radios we utilise to help those with reduced hearing to understand instructions and communicate. These can output directly to earpieces or T-loop compatible hearing aids 

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Canoe Winderemere
A great way to get started 
Based on Windermere 
All abilites and experience levels 
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Man holds up fire cooked pizza.
Canoe buschcraft journey 
A day canoe journey with open fire cooking 
A great day 2 for a weekend of canoeing
No experience necessary 
More Info
Paddling away in a canoe with stabilisers
Windermere Epic Journey 
A full on day to navigating the whole lake 
A challenging next step in canoeing 
Some experience necessary  
More Info
lady and dog paddle tranquil loch.
Rivers, Expeditions and Overnight Journeys 
Take canoeing to the next level 
Adventures across Scotland or down rivers 
Some experience or training required
More Info
Waving at the steam train

Canoe Winderemere

Explore Englands Longest 

Canoeing is great: a sport that's quick to get started and a lifetime to master (though by the end of the day you’ll be pretty good). We explore the lake at ducks' pace and with little more noise than the water on your paddle.

First, some training time to get the hang of it and perhaps a visit to the steam train line before a bite to eat and explore the open water of the lake.

Typical timings are meet at 10 am, lunch at 12:30 on the lakeshore and finished up by 4 pm. Getting wet is optional but staying dry isn’t guaranteed (there are options for those who need not capsize)

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Holding a fresh pizza with lake in background

Canoe Bushcraft Journey 

What canoes are made for: Journeying 

This day is about using the canoes for their born purpose - going out and doing stuff.

After a short introduction and refresh we load the boat with delicious raw food and set off into the open water - about a third of the way down the lake.

The journey takes 2-3 hours normally and is quite beautiful. When we get where we are going, out comes the kit: traditional kettles, fire bases, pizza pans, mugs and everything else needed to self sufficiently cook a delicious meal over fire in a stunning location. When we’re done we clean up the site and paddle home.

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Paddler paddles away from sunrise.

Windermere Epic journey 

An intrepid sunrise journey the length of England's longest lake 

We meet by head torch and do our last minute arangements and launch as the sky begins to lighten. This time of the moning is uniquely special with typically glass like water and soft lighting reflecting off the mountain. At some point the sun will light the valley and the Lake District massive as you sweep towards it. 

The lake end to end journey is long, about 10 miles, but we’ve got all day to silently slide the canoes throught the water as we work our way to the other end. 

This is a trip for experienced paddlers or as part of a 2 or 3 day learning to paddle event - you need to get your efficency and positioning up to a good level beforehand. 

Canoe with a sail crosses loch.

Rivers, Expeditions and Overnight Journeys

Canoes:  built for travel, traverse and adventure

Canoe camp out weekend 

 Ever fancied hopping in a canoe, cooking your meals on a fire and coming back by paddle one or two days later?  Covering all the content and skills of the two days weekend experiences - with extras. Learn to construct a shelter from tarp, sleep in hammocks and work wood with traditional whittling into the tools you need. With no accommodation costs it’s an excellent and cost effective way to spend a memorable weekend with family and friends. We can even collect you from the train station so you don’t need to drive!

Canoe Bushcraft Overnight 26-27 June 2021Canoe Bushcraft Loch Lomond 3-4 July  2021
River Canoeing

This is the next stage for many looking for further  thing to do in canoes. We have a range of rivers for different abilities. Some experience is necessary - a weekend introduction to paddling (above). Some rivers require camping, some we stay in self catering accommodation and some we base from hotels. On rivers,  boats cannot be stabilised so plan to get wet at some point. We can combine the weekend course with a river to make an amazing weeks holiday for an up for it group. (With a rest day in between)

Intro to River Canoing page
Paddle River Tay page
Open Trip 4 - 5 April 2022
Canoe with a sail crosses loch.

Great Glen - Canoe Across Scotland 

Canoes-  built for travel, traverse and adventure

Great Glen - Canoe from the west to east coast 

A 6 day  expedition across Scotland paddling Canals and Lochs, including Loch Ness. There is also the option to canoe some river sections. An amazing life memorable trip and surprisingly adaptable. This trip can be supported or unsupported by the  power boat depending on needs. It is possible to operate from hotels (if supported) but more normal to camp in stunning locations. There is something amazing about starting at one coast and paddling to another. This does require the right groups, confident they will enjoy the challenge. Navigating the lock gates requires some carrying of canoes if done without powerboat. Canoes can be stabilised if using the Canals and Lochs route without rivers.

Open Trip 12-19 September find out moreBook private trip - Click here

Anyone Can - Canoe Experiences Pricing 

Windermere Epic Journey

  • Includes all equipment and lunch 

  • Long day from approx 7am

  • Experience required

  • Return journey by powerboat

  • Upto 6 paddlers

Canoe Windermere and Canoe Bushcraft Journey Days and Weekends

  • Includes all equipment and lunch 

  • Whole days 10am to 4pm 

  • No experience necessary 

  • Normal launch point : Fellfoot on Windermere

  • No minimum group size

River trips, Campout and Expeditions

  • Take your canoeing to the next step 

    Longer canoe journeys and more challenge

  • Learn to use your own or your future canoe safely

    All food, equipment and accommodation included 

  • Includes transport from key rail stations

Great Glen - Scotland 

  • Paddle through the heart of Scotland 

    Includes transport from rail stations

  • Epic scenery, great people and a “proper adventure"

    Includes transport from rail stations

  • All food, equipment and accommodation included 

  • Pre expedition training available

  • Accessible to a wide reange of additional needs 

Booking with Anyone Can

We have a range of methods by which you can book and pay for adventures with Anyone Can. For quick individual bookings you can use our AirBnB page to book individual days.

For everything else the best thing to do is drop us an enquiry and we can discuss your needs, dates and ambitions further. 

We host a range of open trips for people throughout the year for indivuduals and small groups to join like minded people on our more adventurous trips, enquire for more details 


European Start up Funded 

European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development  

Europe investing in rural areas

Anyone Can: Connecting Transport Hubs to Lake Shores - Accessible Canoeing

Purchase of an accessible powered support and rescue vessel, and a mobile fleet of canoes with trailer

It is part funded by the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development 

Supported by the Cumbria Fells and Dales Local Action Group 

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