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Specially for Cumbrian Families

We love working with families and particularly helping Cumbrian families to get out and enjoy their county. We've decided to offer a more affordable option, especially for Cumbrian's living and working here.

We pride ourselves on being an organisation that seeks to make sure Anyone Can: old or young, poorly or heathy, able-bodied or not we have the skills and adapted equipment to get the whole family involved. We have everything covered for a vast range of additional needs from walk or wheel on boats, to no capsize stabilised canoes, to radio-guided rock climbing and so on. If you think you can't include everyone give us a call, as we believe Anyone Can get involved.

We even have a minibus license and can arrange to take families without a car to our adventure venues. Typically the additional charge is from just £40 per bus. 

All  you need is a mycumbria card and to book directly from our website and to bring a family or close-knit unit. At least one person needs to be dependent either under 16 or an adult under full-time family care. We consider a carer to be as much a family member as any blood relation. We are also happy for multiple families to arrange to come out to play together to make things even more affordable.

To keep things slick and efficient, you enquire through our website and payment is made in a single transaction at the time of booking.

COVID cancellations

Because of the situation this year we have adapted our terms especially for this my Cumbria offer: If you cancel in 2020, we will issue a full refund if given 24 hours notice and a full refund of those places that cannot attend (for part cancellations). 

Easter 2021 Special offers

Everyone has been locked down for so long we thought we should do something to help people get back out there and enjoy Cumbria at its spring time best. 

For the duration of the Easter holidays we have decided to offer a special package of activities specifically for local families. 

We offer mycumbria card holders £100 adventure days as private bookings. The whole family can come and enjoy the day out on this very speical offer.  Use the buttons below to book directly. 

Bring a packed lunch and your MyCumbria card and book directly with our partners Beyonk below 

Discover Day sailing on Sea pig
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Book Windermere Canoe Sailing 
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Reduced price family adventures

Book any of our Caving  Climbing  Canoeing or Sailing days or combined days of Caving and Rock Climbing or Sailing and Canoeing and access our special Cumbrian families prices. Our full days are a great way to go further and do a lot more of a sport or build in lots of time for people with additional needs while the twinned days are great for younger family members and shorter attention spans.

Four individuals looking for a full adventure day would typically cost £360, we can serve a Cumbrian family of 4 for £240 for the same adventure. That's including our fabulous lunch all the equipment needed and the instructors. We can do this because booking as a whole family, is a guaranteed minimum income - most of the time we have to account for what happens if only a single person books.

Bring eight people for any activity day, and it's even better with pricing working out at less than £48 per person. We don't mind how you organise it and how many families eight people represent if one person books and pays for it all - we will consider it a family booking. 

Smaller Families

We know some families are smaller and have a discounted mycumbria offer for families down to two people or one dependent and their carer.

Based in the South Lakes 

Our water sports are based from Fell Foot  at the Southern end of Windermere.
Rock climbing takes place at various outdoor crags in the South Lake area and the edge of the Yorkshire Dales.
Caving takes place in the Yorkshire Dales, near Ingleton.

Size of family MyCumbria Offer Regular Price
2 £220 Private Booking £180 (As part of a group)
3 £230 £270
4 £240 £360
5 £290 £450
6 £330 £540
7 £360 £630
8 £380 £720

Frequently Asked questions

What is this mycumbria Card?

MyCumbria is a locals discount card with over 250 offers across Cumbria – from food, drink and afternoon tea to family activities, spa experiences and attractions. If you have a CA or LA Cumbria postcode at your home or work address, purchase a card for £20 and start enjoying our exclusive offers as many times as you like for a whole year. By becoming a MyCumbria member, you are supporting local businesses and livelihoods. It’s easy to sign up online and we will post out your new card!

What facilties do you have?

Our watersports are from a fully accessible park, operated by the National Trust which includes a changing place, an additional accessible shower and toilet along with an accessible cafe. They also have off-road wheelchairs that can be booked.
Caving and climbing have no facilities once at the venue. We typically meet in a public car park with a toilet nearby.

Can I bring my young person or dependent adult, with severe learning difficulties, physical needs or someone who may have a meltdown on the day?

100% we specialise in making sure we make it possible for families with additional needs to get involved. Speak to us, as we can do all sorts of clever things to ensure you have a fun day out. We can shorten days, arrange multiple potential dates so you can grab a "good day" and only pay for that one. We can work one instructor to one person and have the other focus on the rest of the family. We can build a combined sensory and watersports day, so everyone is challenged in their way. We can supply a fixed pictorial time table. We have so many solutions in our bag of tricks. Give us a call and to confirm; this costs no extra. 

Can I use this to arrange an adventure birthday party?

Yes. Same deal, shorter day - single activity - much more cake - priced for the kids only, two adults free (and compulsory).

Can I book for a family visiting my holiday rental?

Not on this deal - this deal is to help Cumbrian families. You should still talk to us, though, as we would be happy to have you sell or promote our activities and can make arrangements to benefit all three parties.

Can I book for a family but not come myself?

Mmm, you should come to play: we can make it very comfortable and not at all scary. If you don't want to go and it's your name on the card drop us a line as long as everything else makes sense - surnames match or other very simple verifications. 

Can I bring my grandchildren?

Totally. Yes, you would be most welcome, but a parent or legal guardian will have to confirm permission, but that's easy. Often grandparents have a little more time and a need to amuse energetic young people. Our activities are easy to make it suitable for both age groups.

Can I bring my group or club of people with multiple additional needs?

We have group prices, are licensed and insured for this work. It's not who this special deal is for, but we are well priced and set up for organisations, clubs and residential units to access outdoor adventures with us. Call us, and we will discuss your needs and make you an excellent plan. (Also you will need more flexibility on terms etc.)

Can I bring only adults? 

Adult groups have a different offer - 20% of your payment is gifted back in our gift cards. Use these to book a new adventure - gift them forward to friends and family or leave them with us, and we will use them to support a carer or volunteer helping us run our trips for people with disabilities.
The person paying must have a mycumbria card at the time of paying, attend the day and book direct. Only valid for adventure days, multi-day adventures are gifted back at 5%. 


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