Covid ready and delivering adventures


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What we’re doing to keep you safe

  • Isolating all kit for 72 hours between uses 

  • Cleaning down boats and equipment after use 

  • Supplying facemasks, hand gel and gloves

  • Using no-rescue stabilised canoes and sailing boats 

  • Handling your food, equipment and clothing with PPE on 

  • Having each client declare any symptoms 48 hours in advance of arrival 

  • Using radios so you can hear us 

Are you an adventurer looking for challenges? 

Do you have a disability that makes you hesitate from joining a mainstream adventure provider?

Join us for adventures that are inclusive by default, progressive and potentially the start of a lifetime's connection with an adventure sport.

We are a husband and wife team with a huge amount of experience in the disability adventure training market.

We believe adventure should be about friendship, finding solutions and overcoming challenges. With patience, a sense of humour and camaraderie we can make the next thing you book brilliant. 

We provide the widest range of opportunities to individuals, families and friends for whom access to the awesome world of adventure is often restricted.

Our offering is based on working with small numbers, versatile equipment, specialist knowledge, and most importantly, plenty of time, flexibility and understanding of people's varying needs. 

We have a range of typical ability equipment and a great range of adaptive equipment to suit a wide range of physical, sensory and learning needs.

We believe that adventures and the outdoors should be a place to return to time and time again. We offer a range of increasingly challenging activities to make sure you, your friends or your family have the next big adventure to look forward to. 

We represent the next stage for many new adventurers. For example after having visited a specialist outdoor centre and loved your canoe afternoon - where next?
The next step is to learn to canoe over a long weekend with us before joining us for a canoe camp-out or river trip. 

We are passionate that we enable people to go further and farther than just the adventures we offer as confidence and skills grow. We look forward to you outgrowing us. 

If you are keen on adventure, we are keen to make it work for you!

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European Start up Funded 

European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development  

Europe investing in rural areas

Anyone Can: Connecting Transport Hubs to Lake Shores - Accessible Canoeing

Purchase of an accessible powered support and rescue vessel, and a mobile fleet of canoes with trailer

It is part funded by the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development 

Supported by the Cumbria Fells and Dales Local Action Group 

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