Residentials and Educational Trips 

Residentials reimagined for the 2020’s 


Our approach is to simplify, concentrate on what's important and remember the student's needs.

Anyone Can is new to residentials and educational trips as a business but we, Chris and Vicky, are not. With more than 35 years of experience in outdoor adventure education, we passionately believe that outdoor adventure learning is an essential part of a learners journey.

We also believe that simple well thought out programmes where interconnectedness, self-management and group work are core themes, they need not cost the earth and should be accessible to all.

We have a varied and flexible approach to outdoor learning born from years of working with excellent providers with a considerable variety of ethoses and techniques.

How we keep things simple, sustainable and quality excellent

Here are a few things we do:

We minimise group transport 
Often entire programmes can be run from or near the school - why waste time on the road?

We emphasis quality nights over quantity.
Sleeping away  is expensive (with a chef, cleaner and night warden) and often of limited value. We believe one night under the stars and three days based from school can offer similar value to an individual's development. 

We don't queue for goes.
We love people to be active and engaged, so if the majority of your time would be spent waiting: we either fix it with additional staff or do something more active.

We work in days
If a sport has only a part days worth of value, we believe the learning offered must be weak, some days are multi part but very rarely half days.

We offer the right format, not a single format.
We don't have a big accommodation block to fill so we are free to provide the right package. This could be single activity days, a regular contact course, a micro or hyper-local "residential", an adventure journey, basecamp or a traditional indoor residential. 

We keep quality high, staff strain low and everything affordable.
We like to keep groups small, which means the visiting support staff team is small;  even if that means doing two residentials back to back, everyone still wins.

Micro - Residentials

The micro residential is a flexible concept but at its core is the idea that residentials can utilise the school as a hub with parents dealing with the many expenses and challenges of organising a residential by simply taking the student home every (or most) night. 

Read our micro-residential article

Traditional Residentials

Sometimes traditional away-from-home residentials are exactly the right thing. We believe that sleeping away is costly and must be made worthwhile.

We run residential elements as cooperative learning opportunites. Self-care, hygiene, and collective effort are central to our experiences.

Adventure Journeys

Travel widens the soul and focuses the mind on what's important.

We run journeys by sail, foot, chair, canoe.

Our journeys enable young people to routinely solve challenges together, plan ahead and examine their core values. 

Regular Contact Adventures

We deliver a broad, and increasing, range of certified skills courses, expedition preparation courses and adventure PE.

These can be in regular contact days, evening extracurricular events or holiday clubs.

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