Accessible adventure weekends

Climbing through Cave

Cave Weekends

Make a weekend of it

Our caving weekends are a bit different - join us in one of the club huts or caving bunkhouses. During the weekend we run either a cave day followed by cave R&L day or two Cave R&L days for those who have already caved with us. You get to mix with a range of experience levels and come away with great friends and stories.

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Climber looks upwward

Rock Climbing Weekend

Get started in Rock Climbing 

Where the "try rock day" is all about getting hands on the rock and having a great experience and focuses on helping people get started in the sport of climbing.

Mixing indoor and outdoor venues we look at all the skills needed to safely take part in climbing. You will leave ready to walk in to a climbing wall with the skill needed to use an indoor climbing wall as a normal user and to be an outdoor “second”. 

“Seconds” are partners to “lead” climbers, seconding is the path most climbers take to climbing outdoors. Seconds follow a lead climber up the rock, operating the rope, removing the gear and climbing literally “second”. Most seconds progress to becoming lead climbers over time and thus are always in demand.

Being a well trained second makes you a popular person to invite to climb with and recruit through clubs, climbing wall notice boards or online climbing forums.

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Canoe with a sail crosses loch.Relaxing%20bank%20Lomond@2x.jpeg

Canoe Rivers, Expeditions and Overnight Journeys

Canoes:  built for travel, traverse and adventure

Canoe camp out weekend 

 Ever fancied hopping in a canoe, cooking your meals on a fire and coming back by paddle one or two days later?  Covering all the content and skills of the two days weekend experiences - with extras. Learn to construct a shelter from tarp, sleep in hammocks and work wood with traditional whittling into the tools you need. With no accommodation costs it’s an excellent and cost effective way to spend a memorable weekend with family and friends. We can even collect you from the train station so you don’t need to drive!

Canoe Bushcraft Overnight WindermereCanoe Bushcraft Overnight Loch Lomond
River Canoeing

This is the next stage for many looking for further  thing to do in canoes. We have a range of rivers for different abilities. Some experience is necessary - a weekend introduction to paddling (above). Some rivers require camping, some we stay in self catering accommodation and some we base from hotels. On rivers,  boats cannot be stabilised so plan to get wet at some point. We can combine the weekend course with a river to make an amazing weeks holiday for an up for it group. (With a rest day in between)

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Large sailng dingy sails into towering clouds.Large sailng dingy sails into towering clouds.

Sailing Weekend Adventures

Normally done in a yacht with beds aboard, but it is also possible to sail to a campsite for a great little adventure weekend.

Yacht Sailing with Sleeping at Anchor 

The first day is much like a taste of sailing but covering more sailng knowledge and the team ends up much more self sufficient. Typically we arrange the lunches and the team cooks their own dinner  (we can arrange a food delivery from a supermarket to meet you at the boat).

This is a great introduction to life aboard if you think sailing might be your thing - this weekend leads brilliantly into the coastal sailing holidays and weekends we offer.

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Dinghy Sailing with Camping 

A fantastic weekend adventure. Sleeping in tents and cooking on the lake shores. This is a rustic and inspiring adventure with the simplicity of small boat sailing. 

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Canoe Sail Weekends

Small boat sailing founded on the love of zooming around in a boat that barely weighs more than you do.  Exhilarating, quick and easy to get started. A weekend of getting to grips with small sailboats with an emphasis on maximising fun. 

We host mobility editions of the Sailfast weekends for sailor’s looking for a weekend dedicated to the needs of those with mobility impairments.

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We cater for you 

Autism Needs
Health Needs
Health needs 

Getting involved 

Families and friends 

We offer all of our activities as private bookings. It is a great way to tailor the dates, adaptions, and ambitions of you and your friends or family to exactly what you want. 

Join an open trip 

Open trips are a great way to meet other like minded people. Sometimes there is nothing more exciting than sharing an adventure and making life long friends along the way. 

Design your adventure 

Got a dream? Day dream, fleeting fancy or very specific requirements? We are a small and nimble company and can create you a bespoke adventure to meet your needs at home and abroad.

Accessible holidays in the Lake District

Add some days of adventure into your holiday in the Lake District. From full days to multi-days we can help make it a holiday to remember!

European Start up Funded 

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Europe investing in rural areas

Anyone Can: Connecting Transport Hubs to Lake Shores - Accessible Canoeing

Purchase of an accessible powered support and rescue vessel, and a mobile fleet of canoes with trailer

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