Rock Climbing Days


Start your climbing journey or just have an awesome day out 

Lady celedrates getting to top of climb

No experience necessary 

This is the perfect way to get started climbing - perhaps you fancy a new hobby or perhaps you just want an interesting adventurous day out

Beautiful surroundings 

Overlooking the valley, the climbing venue is in a stunning location, where you can spend some of your off-the-rock time soaking up the atmosphere

Easy access and facilities

We love Ingleton for people's first climbing crag. It's easy to get to, has a great view and has a climbing wall within walking/rolling distance to practice at first. For essential chair users, both the climbing wall and the crag can be climbed directly from your chair.

Improve your climbing

With a high instructor-to-client ratio there are lots of opportunities to get plenty of coaching and improve your technique 

Climbing is great for people with:

Visiual imparement with helper

Visual impairment and their own guide

Visual Imparement with guide dog

Visual impairment and a guide dog

Visual%20 %20Walking%20Cane

Have a visual impairment and want to come alone 


Learning Disabilities



Austism%20and%20learning%20difficulties%20 %20sunflower%20person

Space and calm needs




Older people


Speech Impairments

hearing%20imparement%20 %20t-loop

Hearing needs


Walking sitcks or aids


Wheeled mobility aids

Speak to us if you:

Visual%20 %20Walking%20Cane

Have a visual impairment and want to come alone 


You normally have full time support

Sign%20User%20 %20Hello%20Sign%201

Primarily communicate using sign language

Sign%20User%20 %20Hello%20Sign%201

Use an electric wheelchair

Sign%20User%20 %20Hello%20Sign%201

Use a hoist to transfer

Rock climbing in the stunning Lake District and Yorkshire Dales

Great fun with like-minded adventurers sampling the best of the South Lakes and Yorkshire Limestone

The South Lakes and Yorkshire Dales border is the place to go for lots of climbing because limestone is an amazingly feature-rich form of rock.

The rock is brim full of climbable lines stacked shoulder to shoulder.

Routes are short, easy to protect and quickly accessed. More climbing, more coaching and more fun. 

When we meet up we will have a quick briefing and information-sharing session to work out everyone's goals and experience. After a quick review of the systems to ensure everyone is on the same page and we will get climbing. 

Often we will have a quick practice indoors if are using adaptive techniques or if the weather is poor. 

There will be lots of climbing time and opportunities to push yourself and learn, as well as time to sit back and enjoy the routes. 

Great accessibility and inclusion

Techniques, equipment and support to empower those living with a disability 

Climbing is a widely accessible sport. Protected from above and potentially supported from all sides, rock climbing is a sport accessible to essential wheelchair users and people with mobility disabilities in general. We choose Ingleton as our go-to first climbing venue as the access is fantastic to the bottom of the climbs and has both opportunities for indoor and outdoor climbing. 

For those living with other impairments climbing is a great sport and we can enable our clients with radio guidance and climbing alongside for example, as ways to help you succeed.

Lunch included 

And lovely equipment, instruction and any fees

We do a good lunch - our clients keep telling us that. 

Plus when you are away from home or busy organising the needs of family members it's just easier not to have to think about food as well.

We pride ourselves on having lovely comfortable equipment - the kind of kit we would choose personally to use. 

Important climbing info

Dates and Costs 

Meet: Ingleton at 10am

Depart Ingleton - 4pm

£101 per person
Family (4 people) £312 
Groups (6 people) £348

What is included?

  • Delicious locally produced lunches

  • All technical equipment

  • British qualified climbing instructors

What do we actually do

  • Teach and refresh the basics of climbing safety 

  • Belay each other 

  • Lots of climbing 

  • Help you improve your climbing with coaching 

  • If the weather is poor we will go inside for some of the time 

South Lakes climbing Accessibility



AR_M%20 %20Can%20Travel%2010m

Suitable for all those who do not need a dedicated sight guide 



Come with an adventure buddy



Arrange an Anyone Can volunteer guide

Assistance available for support both on and off the rock

We work with you to  become familiar with the buildings, access the venues and climbing techniques

We can climb alongside to assist or meet at the top of a climb to facilitate lowering

We can supply headsets and radios to allow clear calm communications, and to help guide you.



AR_C%20 %20Self%20Manages%20Day%20to%20Day

Suitable for those able to self-manage without dedicated support or with a dedicated carer (who could drive between sites)

Participants should be capable of understanding and acting appropriately around fires, unfenced canals and at the water's edge without constant supervision 



Come with an adventure buddy

We will help with meals, reminding about medications etc 



  • AR_M%20 %20Can%20Sit%20Unsupported%20on%20a%20Bench%203

    Regular transfers are required on most days. To put on harnesses. 

  • AR_M%20 %20Can%20Bum%20Shuffle%201

    This trip is possible for an adventurous wheelchair user who can self-transfer and bum shuffle

    You can access the bottom of the climbs with a wheeled mobility aid with standard sized manual wheels

    The Carpark has an accessible public toilet (radar)

    We have adaptive harnesses, grip aids, and effort reduction pullys

    We can climb alongside, reduce your effective weight and assist your balance with a tail rope



AR_A%20 %20Can%20Hear%20Instructions%20or%20Lip%20Read

Suitable for people with most auditory impairments that do not require signing to communicate 



Come with an adventure buddy



Arrange an Anyone Can volunteer guide

A BSL assistant instructor is occasionally available

We have radios and Tloop transmission units to aid hearing when seperated in differing boats 

Sounds great - let's do it

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Not quite right, need different dates, want control of the itinerary or want to save money by filling your own trip?

We love commissions, requests for alternate dates and requests to make specific adaptions - in fact, we would not exist without them.

So please, if you like what you read but it's not quite there or you want something different, do get in touch and we look forward to hearing from you. 

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