Covid 19 -What we are doing and health declaration


We’ve dotted the I’s and crossed the T’s.

After weeks of preparing risk management systems, buying in PPE and building our socially isolated but great fun no capsize canoes.

From the 5 July, we are ready to start some of our watersports. We will begin with Canoeing, Canoe Bushcraft and Canoe Trimaran sailing.

We expect rock climbing to also be ready for 14 July 2020 with the rest of our activities following.

We are still running our Great Glen Trip this year and have fully adapted it to make it work in the lockdown. 

Watch the brefing video

What we’re doing to keep you safe

  • Isolating all kit for 72 hours between uses 

  • Cleaning down boats and equipment after use 

  • Supplying Facemasks, Hand Gel and Gloves

  • Using no-rescue stabilised canoes and sailing boats 

  • Handling your food, equipment and clothing with PPE on 

  • Having each client declare any symptoms 48 hours in advance of arrival 

  • Using radios so you can hear us 

Covid 19 Health Declairation

To be confirmed 48 hours before activity (you can compete it earlier) 

To pop out the form into a seporate window click here 

European Start up Funded 

European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development  

Europe investing in rural areas

Anyone Can: Connecting Transport Hubs to Lake Shores - Accessible Canoeing

Purchase of an accessible powered support and rescue vessel, and a mobile fleet of canoes with trailer

It is part funded by the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development 

Supported by the Cumbria Fells and Dales Local Action Group 

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