Climb North Lakes 

By request for 2021 - let us know if you want to go 

Explore the steep valleys and stunning climbs of the North Lake District 

If you love climbing a few days in the North Lakes has to be on your bucket list. 

Ideal for people confident they enjoy climbing 

You don't need to own  or have any previous skills  but having tried climbing first is ideal 

Beautiful surroundings 

The north lakes are uniquely and starkly  beautiful  

Foot placed on a delicate fooothold

Amazing Accommodation

A lovely remote hostel with accessibility options and private room options close to the climbing 

Short walk-ins 

We have fantastic rock 20 minutes from the road 

Improve your climbing

With a high instructor to client ratio, there are lots of opportunities to get some coaching and improve your technique

Rock Climbing in the stunning Lake District  

Great fun with likeminded adventurers sampling the best of the steep North Lakes crags

The North Lakes gives amazing access to some of the region's most amazing climbing and so much of it's close to the road.

This means less walking to get to the kind of rock that would typically an hour or more from the road in other parts of the country. 

Less walking = more climbing.

That extra climbing is on the rock faces that feature in everyone's favourite climbing venues.

A right of passage in people's climbing progression. 

Lovely Accommodation

Stopping overnight in the warmth and friendliness of the climber's hostel

We love hostels and the kind of people that stay there. The YHA has consistently been excellent hosts for all sorts fo adventures and groups.

Writing hostel anywhere in an advertisement is a risk because there are some preconceptions people associate with the word, We believe in the most part they are wrong. The hostels we use are quiet, clean, friendly and often strikingly beautiful.

A variety of rooms are available from twins to super social bigger dorms. We price based on sharing rooms but are happy to arrange an upgrade if available.

Our hostels have WiFI, a drying room, kitchen and some of the comfiest mattresses we've come across. 

Fantastic food 

Fuel for fun 

Lovely simple food is prepared by the hostel with all meals provided. There is also access to the kitchen to make you own extras and brews.

Breakfast is cereal, toast and a cooked option.

Lunch is fresh local pies, cakes and hot drinks.

Saturday evening meal is a  3-course meal provided by the hostel chefs

On Sunday we normally stop for a warm lunch and recovery near the climbing venue - which means we can climb until the very end and pack you off with a packed evening meal for your journey home. 

North Lakes Climbing Weekend

Dates and Costs 

  • 2 Climbing days and 2 overnights stay Friday to Sunday 

  • Pickup: Penrith Station 7pm Friday  

  • Drop off: Penrith Station
    4pm Sunday

  • £260 per person in a shared room

What is included?

  • Indoor accommodation in a shared room

  • Food from Saturday breakfast to Sunday Evening 

  • All technical equipment

  • British qualified climbing instructors

    Transport from the train station and to the climbing venues

    Transport is not included to Penrith - Direct trains from Manchester, London, Glasgow and Edinburgh

What do we actually do

  • Teach and refresh the basics of climbing safety 

  • Belay each other 

  • Do lots of climbing 

  • Help you improve your climbing with some coaching 

  • If the weather's poor we will go inside for some of the time 

  • Go for a pint 

  • Have a laugh as a friendly welcoming group of like minded people 

North Lakes Climbing Accessibility

Icon Visual Impairment


  • Suitable for all people able to manage own travel to the pickup point

  • Suitable for all those who do not need a dedicated guide or bring their own

  • We will help with inductions to buildings, climbing guidance and moving around.

  • Climbing access requires 400m rough ground walking 

Icon Cognative Needs


  • Suitable for those able to self manage without dedicated support or with a dedicated carer (who doesn't necessarily have to climb)

  • We will help with meals, reminding about medications etc 

  • Participants should be capable of being left at the accommodation unsupervised or accompanied by a carer

Icon Mobility Needs


  • Climbing access requires 400m rough ground walking 

  • Instructors can support from the bottom, top and alongside to get people started and confident

  • Additional support from rope systems can help climbers struggling with strength

  • Not suitable for those who rely on wheeled mobility aids (we can put together a bespoke option for this) 

Icon Auditory needs


  • Suitable for people with most auditory impairments that don't require signing to communicate or bring an interpreter 

  • Our current climbing instructors do not have BSL. A BSL assistant instructor is occasionally available.

  • We have radios and Tloop transmission  units to aid hearing when climbing and in general 

Booking is easy and straight forward 

Just pop some details down and we will make contact, answer any questions and sort out the money. 

European Start up Funded 

European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development  

Europe investing in rural areas

Anyone Can: Connecting Transport Hubs to Lake Shores - Accessible Canoeing

Purchase of an accessible powered support and rescue vessel, and a mobile fleet of canoes with trailer

It is part funded by the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development 

Supported by the Cumbria Fells and Dales Local Action Group 

Excellent accessibility icons designed by Emma Briggs Design

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