Disabled sailor sails solo next to a couple sailing.

Canoeing is about journeying 

Canoes are not designed to go round and round on a pond. They are about journeying, about travelling to the horizon and carrying enough home comforts to be out exploring for weeks. 

But first perhaps, let us start with just one overnight?  Join us on the beautiful Lake Windermere with a stunning wild camp spot, cooking over an open fire and a bed gazing out onto the lake and stars.

Open your eyes at dawn and gaze across to the reflected mountains in the mirror that is early morning Windermere 

We love canoeing, camping, campfire cooking and spending time outdoors.

We hate being cold, eating boring food or being uncomfortable. Fortunately we are very good at teaching you how to be warm, well fed and comfy. 

If you are looking for a hard-core experience this is not the trip you are looking for. If you want to slow your mind down, learn some skills, be there at sunset and again at sunrise, and have a great little adventure this is the ticket.

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Canoe campout is great for 

Visiual imparement with helper

Visual impairment and your own guide

Visual Imparement with guide dog

Visual impairment and a guide dog

Visual%20 %20Walking%20Cane

Have a visual impairment and want to come alone 




Down’s syndrome

Austism%20and%20learning%20difficulties%20 %20sunflower%20person

Space and calm needs




Older people


Walking sticks or aids

Wheelchair%20 %20Manual

Manual Chair users


Speech Impairments


Tourette's syndrome 

hearing%20imparement%20 %20t-loop

Hearing needs

Speak to us if you:

Visual%20 %20Walking%20Cane

Have a visual impairment and want to come alone 


Normally have full time support


Need head support 

Sign%20User%20 %20Hello%20Sign%201

Primarily communicate using sign language


Are an essential electric wheelchair user 


Use a hoist to transfer


What do we actually do?

We journey on the lake to a secluded woodland via canoe. The first part is getting there under the guidance of our canoe coach.  In true adventure style and in tune with the weather we have lots of options, from solo paddling all the way to building a pirate ship with sails. What we decide to do is down to the weather and abilites of the group. Nevertheless you are going a long way by canoe - this is an adventure journey after all.

Our camp site is nearly half way down Windermere and we expect to arrive in time to get the fires lit for a simple but late lunch - fuelled until then with snacks and supplies. Again you do not need to know anything about fires, we will show you everything you need to learn. 

After lunch it is time for some traditional bushcraft skills so we can get ready to spend the night. Our preferred method is tarp and hammock camping, though we do have lots of options available like super stable camp beds and tents. To get ready for our camp we show you the skills from basic peg making, using the saws and axes and pitching for the weather. 

After our evening cookup and social time around the fire, it is time to retire (hopefully) lit by the stars and moon, to our chosen shelter for a regenerating nights sleep. 

In the morning after soaking up the sunrise from the wamth of your sleeping bag - seeing the sunrise from inside your warm snuggly bed is one of the best reasons for sleeping in a tarp shelter - it is time for a hearty breakfast. 

Where we go next depends on the weather. Plan A is to finish paddling the length of the lake with the wind behind us. If so there is often time to grab a celebratory ice cream before heading back using “Freedom" the powerboat. If the weather is not favouring us we have lots of other options depending on how everyone is feeling - that is the beauty of having “Freedom", we can get home from anywhere on the lake. 

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What do we eat?

Rule 1 of Anyone Can Bushcraft is: ensuring everyone is comfortable, well fed and feeling secure.

The food we eat - we bring. It will be tasty, familiar and filling. Nothing gets its neck wrung and everything we have is too yummy to make it to ‘I’m a celebrity, get me out of here’.

Soups, pizzas, crumbles, breakfast bacon sandwiches and plenty of brews are the order of the day with Anyone Can.

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What about facilities?

If you really want to wee behind a tree you can. Though most use the toilet in the toilet tent.  For those who need more stability and a big space we use ”Freedom's"  flat floor, rails and big privacy shelter to create probably the most mobile accessible toilet on the water.  

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How do I stay comfy overnight

We have high quality camping equipment including hammocks, 3/4 season sleeping bags, camp beds, tarps and insulation mats. 
We will teach you how to set up your camp to stay warm and dry. 

As the air cools with the sun drifting below the horizon there is nothing more cosy than being tucked up in a warm sleeping bag.

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Inclusivity information



  • Suitable for all people able to manage own travel to the pickup point.

  • Suitable for all those who do not need a dedicated guide or bring their own.

  • We can access volunteer guides given enough notice. 

  • The camp ground is uneven. 

  • We can set out guide strings from bed to toilet facilities etc. 



  • Suitable for those able to self manage without dedicated support or with a dedicated carer (who could drive between sites).

  • We will help with meals, reminding about medications etc. 

  • Participants should be capable of understanding and acting appropriately around fires, sharp objects and at the water's edge without constant supervision (or bring a supporter).



  • The camp spot has a rough surface but with some help is accessible to manual chair users.

  • Transfers are needed between canoes and your mobility aid.

  • The trip is possible for walking aid users.

  • We have a wide range of supportive seating. 

  • We can assist with transfers with a helping hand, extra boost or using a manual transfer sling (may require additional staffing). 

  • We can pull aboard single and stabilised canoes inside our powerboat for safer on water transfers.

  • When tired you can ride in the powerboat or have a tow.

  • Access back to a full changing place can be made possible during daylight hours (needs notice and some changes).

  • We can arrange a large, sheltered flat surface and private toilet with handy rails by utilising the powerboat moored close by with a big ramp to the shore. 

  • We can arrange a loan of a mountain trike off-road wheelchair.



  • Suitable for people with most auditory impairments that do not require signing to communicate or please  bring an interpreter. 

  • A BSL assistant instructor is occasionally available.

  • We have radios and Tloop transmission  units to aid hearing when separated in different boats. 

Important Canoe Bushcraft Overnight

Dates and Costs 

  • 2 days canoe adventure with overnight bushcraft

  • Meet: National Trust Fell Foot
    Saturday 26 June 2021 10:00

  • Drive away: 15:30 Sunday 27 June

  • £213 per person

  • £740 for a group of 5 

What is included?

  • All technical equipment 

  • All camping equipment 

  • From lunch Saturday to Lunch Sunday

  • British qualified sailing instructors

  • Use of showers, locker and toileting facilities

What do we actually do

  • Two days canoeing on the water 

  • An overnight in secluded waterside woodland 

  • Cook meals over a campfire 

  • Laugh and chat in the firelight

  • Live Simply 

Three easy ways to book

Book individually 

If the dates, ability requirements and logistics all work for you, click the button below and let us know and we will get you all set up.

Got a question? -  theres a button for that too. 

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Make it family and friends  

Does this sound like the ideal family break or a great thing to do with your mates? Then why not take the trip just for yourselves?

You can come on the dates listed (if no-one else is booked on yet) or customise it to suit just yout needs, dates and aspirations.

For 4 or more people a trip or activity often costs less if you book it privately.

Book Friends and family

Request customisations

When we plan a trip or actviity we design it to maximise the range of needs it is accessible to. 

The same with dates, we have to take a guess when a trip would suit people. 

We love requests to move dates to suit you and we love to take a standard trip and focus it on a particular need set.  We call them editions and regularly specialise activities for people. 

Lets talk about alternative dates and customisations

European Start up Funded 

European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development  

Europe investing in rural areas

Anyone Can: Connecting Transport Hubs to Lake Shores - Accessible Canoeing

Purchase of an accessible powered support and rescue vessel, and a mobile fleet of canoes with trailer

It is part funded by the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development 

Supported by the Cumbria Fells and Dales Local Action Group 

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