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Yes, certainly: we have set up to ensure that people that naturally play together get to adventure together. We are about inclusivity so try and include everyone.

You don't have to have a certain (or any) disability to qualify for our adventures because we are an independent company - no-one is out of remit (we don't have one).

If you need a person with you specifically to help with your needs during the adventure they book on as another adventurer and do everything you do. Normally this would be a partner, family member or mate that you would go on holiday with. 

This is a tough one - we have talked to a lot of people and come down on the side of the best and fairest way to run adventures is simply this:

We take the whole cost of the vehicles, food, equipment, office and staff and divide it by the number of people that are likely to come on a given trip.

If less come we will take a hit and if more come we'll make a profit - lets hope we get it about right.

That's it.

If you are bringing two people you'll pay for two places on the trip, everyone takes up equipment, beds, seats and there is a finite amount of people we can look after in an adventurous setting.

The alternative would have been to charge people a premium to be a disabled adventurer in order to pass on a discount to the able-bodied carer.

We know some people have carers who are being paid to be with you and understand it is an additional expense to pay for their place. We would love, one day, to be able to run a sidecar charity that helps with this kind of need to level the playing field for all.

In some cases and certainly not most - we return to an accommodation block with spare beds where a carer could base themselves without taking up the spaces needed by the adventurers. In this case, we occasionally offer a non-participant price. You get fed, and accommodated the same as the other participants but do your own thing in the day.

We normally insist you are independently mobile with access to a car you can drive as part of the deal and able to get to us if care issues arrive you are needed for. 

We've tried to make terms and conditions really easy to understand

Here goes;

If the trip you want to go on is ages away - more than 4 months (112 days) away
You pay a third to reserve your space(s) right away
You pay a third to hold your space at 4 months (112 days)
You pay your final payment 1 month out (28 days).

If the trip is soonish less than 4 months (112 days) or more away
You pay 2 thirds to reserve your place(s) right away
You pay one third - 1 month away (28 days)

If your adventure is soon 2 months ( 48 days)
We will hold a place for you for 10 days then you need to pay the whole amount

If you don't pay what you owe
1) We might sell your place to someone that is ready to pay
2) We will probably keep your deposit - thought we try to come to an arrangement (1 third)
3) We might keep your interim payment - effectively your 4-month deposit if you cancel with less than 4 months (112 days) notice
4) We know circumstances change and try to help - we do not, however, think we should replace what your travel insurance is for. So please take out travel insurance the day you book even for trips in the UK.
5) You cannot come if you still owe us money on the day we are due to start 

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European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development  

Europe investing in rural areas

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