Disabled sailor sails solo next to a couple sailing.


Converting wind to joy 

Sailing is a great experience converting wind energy to movement, with the water rushing below.

There is no sensation quite like feeling the energy transfer from the sail above your head to the acceleration of the water below your toes - we love it and think you will too.

Never sailed before? - No problem

We love introducing people to the joy of sailing. For us you knowing very little about sailing is an untold pleasure, as we get to be the ones to teach you.  

We take a 'sailing is simple' approach to help get you started.

For example if a piece of equipment looks like a stick we will call it a stick - if it needs pushing we will tell you to "push the stick”.  Fancy, highly specific vocabulary are great for sounding like a "proper" sailor or communicating exactly what needs to be done while a gale howls around the rigging but does make sailing sound unnecessarily hard. For the time being we would rather just go sailing and control the boat with the “stick”.

You will soon be in control of the boat quickly and sailing for yourself with our help and support. 

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Sailing  - More information

We sail a few types of boat depending on the venues and what you are looking for.

Dinghies are smaller light weight boats where you can feel and see all of the processes in an immediate and unprocessed way. In dinghies the people in the boat move from side to side to help balance the power with their weight. It is physically possible for a dinghy to fall over - though unlikely. We normally use a powerboat to look after dinghies - you might get a drive of that also. Some dinghy and sailng canoes are adapted to work without the sailor having to move at all. 

Yachts are the things that people go on extended adventures in.  You can sleep in most of them and they don’t rely on people to move their weight for stability, so are great for those that don’t move well or think they might like to spend multiple days on adventure. 

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Autism and learning Difficulty 

If your party benefits from very exact times and a visual time table - no problem let us know.

If your party needs a quiet and calm environment without strangers - let us know. 

Sailing for some can be confusing with lots of stimulation and conflicting information. In this instance, we will design the day around the experience and perhaps spend time in the powerboat if things get a bit much. 

Solo Sailor - Chair user

Mobility aid users 

Wheelchair users who can sit on the bench unaided are able to use the Omega (our white boat with two sails)

Those preferring a supportive seat can use the sailing canoe, either on their own or with another person.

In both dinghies there is a risk of falling in.  Users must have the ability to propel themsleves with hands away from the capsized boat to aid rescue. 

We are awaiting permission to access virtually uncapsizable keel boats and small yachts - please contact us for an update if interested.

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Visual impairments

Sailing works well for visually impaired adventurers. Most great sailors operate by touch and feel. 

A boat can operate with a completely visually impaired team with minimal external input.

Using radios on the boats allows the team to keep close audible support without shouting. 

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Auditory Impairment 

We can include those with audio impairments via high quality and needs aware instructors.

By arrangement we can often source an assistant instrutor with a knowledge of BSL. 

We possess a bank of 2-way radios we utilise to help those with reduced hearing to understand instructions and communicate. These can output directly to earpieces or T-loop compatible hearing aids 

Overnight camp or sleep on anchor 

Set sail knowing you are not coming back tonight ether on a small dinghy or medium-sized yacht.

Sleep out either in your hammock, tent or bunk.

Take a mini adventure break over the weekend and come back with great stories. A fantastic experience for families with children looking for a very different weekend.

Truly car-free adventure with pickups from the station.
Book, Pay, Train Ride and play.

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A taste of Sailing 

A day spent having a go and getting a feel for what it means to sail.

Perfect for beginners, rusty old hands, and those feeling less confident.

We have both traditional move to balance and fixed seating position boats.

We can accommodate mobility sensory and cognitive needs.

Based in Fell Foot South Lake District

An exciting day of your holiday or day out 

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Sail fast Weekends

Sail fast weekends are all about getting out on small boats.

Learning the curriculum of sailing 'propper' comes second fiddle to having a great time and getting out there on the great big lake.

Accessible to a wide variety of users with additional needs - our nippy tri canoes offer exciting access for people requiring supportive seating, help to balance or with reduced mobility.

We run mobility editions of this weekend where the whole weekend is tailored to sailors with specific mobility needs.

Expect whoops of joy, heart in the mouth moments and a great laugh with Chris and the team

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Coastal Sailing Scotland

Yacht sails with sun shining through near Aaron

The full yachting experience

Takes place along the stunning west coast of Scotland

Travel by sail throughout the islands and inlets 

Arrival at Oban or Ardrossan train stations for transfer to boat

All inclusive package with food, accommodation, transport, equipment and instruction provided.

A fantastic introduction to the sport or supported adventure for those with some experience

More InfoNext Open 21-25 September 2020 (mobilty focused)Open Weekend 9-11 October 2020Open Week 11-16 October

Coastal Sailing Abroad on a Yacht

A party of 10 jumps off a catarmaran

Currently taking requests.

Fancy sailing in the Mediterainain, around the Canary Isles or Adriatic?

These are fantastic spots to get away from the cold and damp months in the UK.

Fantastic holiday option and surprisingly affordable nearly all the costs rolled into one charter fee (days entertainment, accommodation, and travel).

Pack a big boat with friends and holiday in intrepid style for the same as many package hotel deals.

Got only four people? Request dates for an open trip 

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Solo sailng lady (wheelchair user)

A taste of Sailing 

Messing about in sail boats 

Choose either a dinghy for more exhilaration or a yacht for a more relaxed time. We are normally based from Fell Foot on Windermere and the day consists of a quick briefing before hopping onto the water with a sailing instructor and going for a sail.

By the time you return you will have steered, managed the sails and mastered the basic knots and processes needed to manoeuvre the boat without the instructor having to touch anything. Lunch is either hot pies onboard with hot and cold drinks available (if you chose the yacht) or a picnic lunch ashore if you opt for dinghy sailing.

How fast you go is very weather dependent - it’s hard to go fast in light winds (although we have one special massive sail for the dinghy) but what is more comforting for the nervous is to know we can slow things down (by making the sails smaller).

Large sailng dingy sails into towering clouds.

Sailing Weekend Adventures

Normally done in a yacht with beds aboard, but it is also possible to sail to a campsite for a great little adventure weekend.

Yacht Sailing with Sleeping at Anchor 

The first day is much like a taste of sailing but covering more sailng knowledge and the team ends up much more self sufficient. Typically we arrange the lunches and the team cooks their own dinner as a team (we can arrange a food delivery from a supermarket to meet you at the boat).

This is a great introduction to life aboard if you think sailing might be your thing - this weekend leads brilliantly into the coastal sailing holidays and weekends we offer.

Dinghy Sailing with Camping 

A fantastic weekend adventure. Sleeping in tents and cooking on the lake shores. This is a rustic and inspiring adventure with the simplicity of small boat sailing. 

Sail Fast Weekends

Small boat sailing founded on the love of zooming around in a boat that barely weighs more than you do. Exicllerating, quick and easy to get started. A weekend of getting to grips with small sailboats with an emphasis on maximising fun. 

We host mobility editions of the Sailfast weekends for sailor’s looking for a weekend dedicated to the needs of those with mobility impairments.

Back lit sail, Sails towards Aaron in the clyde channel

Coastal Sailing  Scotland 

One of the best sailing spots in the world is just across the border

On a much larger boat than the other products (typically 40ft) this is an extended sailing experience over several days. Living and working together as a team or family, it’s a great way to spend time together while exploring the most beautiful stretches of Western Scotland.

Expect to experience stunning sunsets, wild life, amazing remote anchorages and possibly a distillery or two (depending on weather and plans).

You are cared for by the Skipper and 1st mate who help keep the boat running smoothly, but its also hands on for the crew with both boat handling and daily living (including washing up!).

Clyde - Mobility edition Open Trip 21-25 September 2020Argyll Edition Open Weekend  9-11 October 2020Argyll Edition Open Trip 11-16 October 2020Pricing
Every one ests lunch as the yacht leans.

Coastal Sailing Abroad 

Get away and adventure in the Sun

We are still developing this as it takes a while to set foreign trips up. The plan is for Autumn, Winter and Spring trips to both the Mediterranean and Canary Islands .

Trips will be 7 days (1 transition day at each end) You are cared for by a Skipper and 1st mate who help keep the boat running smoothly but it is also hands on for the crew too with both boat handling and daily living (including washing up!).

We meet you at the airport and arrange transport to the yacht for a week of out of season exploration and fun 


Anyone Can - Sailing Experiences Pricing 

A taste of Sailing 

Solo Accessable canoe with red sail
  • Includes all equipment and lunch 

  • A full day 

  • Perfect for those who have not sailed before

  • Accessible canoe, 4 person dingy or yacht options 

  • Normal meet location : Fell Foot Active Base, Newby bridge, Cumbria 

Sailing Weekend Adventures

Two ladies look up from inside the big dinghy
  • Includes all equipment and lunch 

  • Friday, Saturday and Sunday 

  • No Experience Nessasary 

  • Normal Meet point: Kendal Train Station 

  • Nothing more to pay, the whole trip is covered. 

Coastal Sailing

Everyone jumps into the Med
  • Custom courses or join an open trip

  • All food, equipment and accommodation included 

  • Best for those who have at least tried sailing before

Booking with Anyone Can

We have a range of methods by which you can book and pay for adventures with Anyone Can. For quick individual bookings you can use our AirBnB page to book individual days.

For everything else the best thing to do is drop us an enquiry and we can discuss your needs, dates and ambitions further. 

We host a range of open trips for people throughout the year for individuals and small groups to join like minded people on our more adventurous trips enquire for more details.

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