Scotland by Canoe - Journey Style

 16th - 22nd August 2021 - Journey Style (tents and hostels) 

 See also 29th August - 5th September 2020 - Basecamp Style

See also 10th -17th April 2021- Basecamp style

Travel from sea to sea - under your own power 

There are few places in the world where it is possible to travel right across the country by canoe.
Arguably no other is quite so beautiful

No need to be a paddling hero 

While being an epic trip through stunning scenery and taking 6 days, it is a technically easy trip that anyone can do 

Paddle through the heart of Scotland 

We don’t just visit Loch Ness we paddle it - the most famous landmark of  Scotland  (thanks Nessie). 


Comfort and wonder 

A variety of travelling accommodation along the way keeps things interesting. Hostels, campsites and wilderness camping. We will ensure you are warm and comfortable with our great tents and sleep systems.

Self-sufficiency - wonderful simplicity 

Like all great adventures - living and travelling simply allows you to relax into the journey and enjoy  the moment

Great food 

Sometimes it is  from a stove, or fire and sometimes it is a cheeky chippy to celebrate  but we love good food so our trips are always well catered. 

An expeditionary adventure by paddle 

Canoeing - the original adventure boat

The open canoe - a shape and style developed over centuries able to traverse so many terrains, carry everything you need and take advantage of the wind when it is in your favour.

This is the ultimate travel machine - if there is water lying in the direction you wish to travel.

To cross from one side of the country we take advantage of the canal system to join up 3 huge lochs which form the bottom of the Great Glen an almost complete cleft through the width of Scotland. Using our wheelies we skirt the lock gates which allow big boats to ascend the staircases of water.

Our itinerary is 6 days. This gives us the flexibility to deal with poor weather without having to skip bits. Every day has a new destination in the plan but some camps could be skipped or we could spend two nights in one place.

This is part of the Anyone Can advantage we make sure we have time to maximise the potential of the trip. If we happen to finish early we will do something extra perhaps run a river section.

There is a lot of paddling but unless we choose a sneaky river short cut it is all flat. In total the journey is 100km/60 miles.

Adventure Living 

Relax after a great day in beautiful surroundings

Like the vagabonds we pretend to be for a week we utilise a variety of accommodation options sleeping on beds, on mown grass and under trees (in a tent of course!).

It is  one of the lovely things about this trip - meeting other fellow travellers with their form of chosen transport and sharing the love of being out here but also finding a quiet spot where we can just hear the lake and crackling of a campfire.

We have great tents, sleeping pads and sleeping bags - we pride ourselves on having excellent comfortable equipment the kind of kit that makes you glad to be outside.

The Great Glen is well served with clean flushing and composting toilets even at our preferred wild camping spots there are built toilets.

In between, we have our collapsable loo and privacy tent.

There are showers at the indoor accommodation sites, some of the lock gates have toilet blocs and so do the commercial campsites. You are allowed to remain stinky if you so wish!

Fantastic Food 

Fuel for fun 

Lovely simple food is prepared by the instructors, with all meals provided.

This is a shared adventure experience so we expect that everyone will want to get involved in the whole experience including pitching tents, finding drinking water and cooking.

The stoves are always available to you to make a brew, cup of soup or popcorn if you feel the need.

Breakfast is generally something hot to warm you up - sometimes meaty and sometimes Vicky’s porridge with yummy bits.

Lunch is normally wraps with fillings, sandwiches or oatcakes and pate, with dried fruit and snacks.

Dinners vary - sometimes they are freshly prepared curries and Dahl or pasta dishes, sometimes we eat together on a real table and chairs - with someone else looking after the washing up. Every meal within a trip is included - you may wish to buy an extra pud or pint of beer (you will have earned it - go on!). 

Important Great Glen Info 2021

Dates and Costs 

  • 5 days adventure and 6 Nights accommodation

  • Pickup: Kendal Train station 10:00 16th August 2021

  • Drop off:  Kendal Train station 19:00  22nd August 2021 

  • £750 per person in a shared room, single or double tent

    Transport from Kendal £50 return 

What is included?

  • Indoor accommodation in a shared room, camping in a single or double tent

  • All meals from Sunday Breakfast to Saturday  Breakfast 

  • All technical equipment

  • British qualified canoeing instructors

  • Transport from and to the train stations

  • Bring only a small bag - we provide everything else for outdoor living
    (and its good stuff) 

What do we actually do

  • Brush up your canoe skills on the first day 

  • Paddle the heart of Scotland 

  • Paddle two to a canoe, go solo, portage, make rafts and sail - nearly every way of making expedition canoes travel

  • Go for a pint 

  • Camp in amazing places

  • Watch sunsets, with a brew/dram

  • Cook on a campfire, cook on a stove, cook in a communal kitchen, buy dinner

  • Have a laugh as a friendly welcoming group of like-minded people

Great Glen Accessibility


  • Suitable for all people able to manage own travel to the pickup point

  • Suitable for all those who do not need a dedicated guide or bring their own

  • We are well staffed for this trip, a lot of help is available for support both on and off travel time


  • Suitable for those able to self manage without dedicated support or with a dedicated carer (who could drive between sites)

  • We will help with meals, reminding about medications etc 

  • Participants should be capable of understanding and acting appropriately around fires, unfenced canals and at the water's edge without constant supervision (or bring a supporter)


  • Canoe access requires rough ground walking up to 1KM to access campspots

  • Regular transfers are required on some days normally from a good quality level floating platform to canoe - to get around loch gates

  • The trip is possible for walking aid users.

  • A version of this trip is possible for an adventurous wheelchair user (we bring a motorboat as support ) - enquire early


  • Suitable for people with most auditory impairments that do not require signing to communicate or please  bring an interpreter 

  • A BSL assistant instructor is occasionally available.

  • We have radios and Tloop transmission  units to aid hearing when seperated in differing boats 

Booking is easy and straight forward 

Just pop some details down and we will make contact, answer any questions and sort out the money. 

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European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development  

Europe investing in rural areas

Anyone Can: Connecting Transport Hubs to Lake Shores - Accessible Canoeing

Purchase of an accessible powered support and rescue vessel, and a mobile fleet of canoes with trailer

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