Try yachting

26 - 28 September 2021

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Open for Firends and Families bookings

Start sailing

This is a short intense sailing course  ideal for those who want to just have a go at sailng a yacht in a beautiful location. This trip focuses on the skills of handling the yacht and sailing manoeuvres. It is ideal for those who just want a taste or those who want to have a bit more background knowledge before staying for the sailing adventure trip following  this course. 

No need to be a Sailing guru  

In fact there is no need to have sailed before. We will help you understand the basics of sailing and get hands on with the controls right from the start. 

Gain some great skills

You have two choices in a given time on a yacht: explore or practice. This weekend is about learning and  practicing along with the joy of improving your skills.

Scotland is a world class sailing venue 

With over 100 islands and huge island populations, boats and sailing are part of Scotlands DNA.  There is so much to explore and so many wonderful communities to visit.

For anyone who would...

This trip is a short trip focusing on handling a yacht - it is about the making it go, turn and stop where and when you want it to.  The weekend is ideal for those who want a short go of sailng to find out if they like it, those who want to learn about handling a boat for themselves and for those who would like to be confident in sailing with their own needs ahead of joining a longer trip. This short course dovetails with a 5 day adventure sail where planning and journeying aspects are integrated into the trip. 

Great food 

We love good food so our trips are always well catered.  We work on a we buy and everyone mucks in principal. 

Mpa overlayed with a sailor and route

One of the world's best classrooms

A yacht is a home, vehicle, and adventure.
A crew is a family, team and friendship. 

Croabh Haven is fantastically situated: relatively sheltered, quiet but with loads of opportunites to find real scenarios for teaching and learing,

It’s a rugged and beautiful landscape with anchorages, tidal flows and many many islands to navigate amongst. 

Roles for everyone

One of the great things about sailing is that every function needs many co-ordinated hands. 

The role of a crewmember on a yacht is varied and challenging. One minute someone is needed to steer, while another changes the tension of a rope, while another watches the other boat, while another is making tea, while yet another is plotting our position on the chart. All this action is co-ordinated by the Skippers John or Chris,  supporting people to run the boat. 

There are roles for everyone, for any ability, additional needs or confidence level. 

Life on Board

What to expect

This is a teaching weekend primarily so the emphasis is on learning to independently control the boat and sail effectively. 

We expect to cover getting on and off the dock, setting sails according to the conditions, anchoring and dealing with basic emergencies. 

The weekend will be light hearted, focused on having fun together and based around people's goals and aspirations. 

Important Scotland by Sail Info

Dates and Costs 

  • 2 days adventure and 2 nights accommodation

  • Pickup: Oban train Station 26 September 18:00

  • Drop off: Oban train station 28 October  17:00

  • £443 per person in a shared cabin

  • Private cabin suppliment £100

    Take the whole boat £1570

What is included?

  • Accommodation in a shared cabin

  • All meals from Saturday morning  evening to Sunday evening 

  • All technical equipment

  • British qualified sailing instructors

  • Transport from and to the train stations

  • Travel light - we provide all you need

What do we actually do

  • Sail the Scottish Coast

  • Teach you to manage the boat

  • Dock, Undock, Use the radio, Start the engine, Get the sails up, Anchor, Walk the plank (not really) 

  • Go for a pint, have a laugh and relax.

  • Visit remote islands, anchorages and moorings

  • Feel the boat lift and rush on the breezes

  • Understand the charts, make a passage plan and use the navigation equipment 

Try yachting  Accessiblity Information

Visual needs Icon


  • Suitable for all people able to manage own travel to the pickup point

  • Suitable for all those who do not need a dedicated guide or can bring their own

  • We are well staffed for this trip, a lot of help is available for support both on and off travel time

  • The boat is a great option for visually impaired people to explore without having to constantly relearn the accomodation layout

  • Great sailing is as much about the other senses than sight - you can feel, hear and sense the boats reactions to make adjustments to sail well. 

Cognative needs icon


  • Suitable for those able to self manage without dedicated support or who bring a dedicated helper

  • Fantastic way to integrate into a team with jobs for all cognitive ability levels

  • We will help with meals, reminding about medications etc 

  • Participants should be capable of understanding and able to follow rules consistantly - most sailing safety comes from some core rules. If not please bring a dedicated helper.

Moblity needs Icon


  • We have a boat, itinerary and systems to meet many mobility needs on our Mobiliy edition sailing trip

  • This is not a purpose built mobility access yacht - systems and equipment are adapted.

  • This design of boat requires the abilty to climb down steep open steps and over a wire guard rail about a metre above the ground with a foot hold half way up

  • You do not need to be able to manoeuvre quickly or dash around 

  • Access to the lower levels, and between cockpit deck areas requires some unassisted walking and could be slippery. 

  • A majority of nights are likely to be under anchor with no shore access

  • Access to visit land will sometimes be by small inflatable boat.

Communications Needs

Communications Needs 

  • Suitable for people with most auditory impairments that do not require signing to communicate or please  bring an interpreter. 

  • A BSL assistant instructor is occasionally available.

  • We have radios and T-loop transmission  units to aid hearing when seperated or the winds hinder hearing. 

Booking is easy and straight forward 

Just pop some details down and we will make contact, answer any questions and sort out the money. 

European Start up Funded 

European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development  

Europe investing in rural areas

Anyone Can: Connecting Transport Hubs to Lake Shores - Accessible Canoeing

Purchase of an accessible powered support and rescue vessel, and a mobile fleet of canoes with trailer

It is part funded by the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development 

Supported by the Cumbria Fells and Dales Local Action Group 

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