Start sailing

"If you want to know about sailing: sail a small boat". In a small boat, you can feel the acceleration from the mast, lean of the hull and tug of the sails. It's quick to learn because you are tuned directly into the forces affecting the boat. Oh yes and its direct, instant fun

No need to be a Sailing guru  

Perfect for the first try of sailing: safe, exciting and easy to understand. Worried about confusing names and many pieces of rope - we label our strings and use standard English.  

Gain some great skills

With the controls laid out in front of you in our Trimerans and Omega (with labels on ) sailing can be quick to learn if a lifetime to master. Chris has been teaching people to sail for 20 years and will have you zooming around very soon.

Great food 

We love good food, so our trips are always well catered.  Lunches and hot drinks included. 

Mobility edition

This weekend serves clients who specifically have additional mobility needs. We teach anyone to sail just get in touch.

Frustrated by the sailing boats available and the need to use most of them with a fixed hoist - we have developed our own sailing canoes. Easy to access via slide board, transfer sling or portable hoist on the land before being slid into the water. Here is a fast, agile, accessible boat that individual users can afford to own.

Couple this with a wheelchair adapted powerboat - you just wheel up the ramp, fully access changing, showers and cafe — a near-perfect mobility edition experience.

Open to non-disabled partners and children they will have a blast too - you don't have to use mobility aids to come. Adventure should be playing together with your favourite people.

For anyone who would...

Like to have a blast sailing small boats.
Like to know that scheduling and teaching are geared towards facilitating their mobility needs.
Like to know they will have access to suitable facilities when they get here

Mpa overlayed with a sailor and route

Having a blast behind the mast 

A weekend of fun, not lectures 

Note: Our pictures do not do justice to the experience of sailing our boats - these are from the pilot and show the smallest rig and the old stabilisers. Since then we have acquired new sails and a professionally build ex-racing sailing canoe…. but we didn't get a chance to take pictures before lockdown.

This weekend is about grabbing some basics, trying out a few different craft and whizzing around the lake. If you want to learn to sail and get a certificate of ability - we can arrange this on the back of the weekend.

We have a great variety of boats to suit differing experience and ability levels 

The boats

Many boats and options - adventure for all levels and needs

Our stabilised sailing canoe trimarans

We would like to say we developed the best most exciting affordable and accessible sailing boats, but we didn't. Sailing canoes have been an international racing class for many years. It's just that no one realised how great they are for people with limited mobility.

They are fast, exciting, challenging boats to sail, but they are also very accessible.

Right from getting in, the canoes make things easy because you can board on dry land by wheeling right up to them and transfer by your preferred method. Slide board, self-transfer, movement sling or gantry hoist all get you in quickly efficiently and safely. Now you can sail anywhere and stop anywhere for a break without relying on complicated hardware and deep water jetties.

Then canoes also typically fill with water (but don't sink) rather than capsize so you can push your luck and have an exciting sail without the challenge of dealing with a capsize.

The outriggers (external floats) do the balancing so the sailors can stay still in their prefered seating system: aqua back watersports chair, standard chair, bench seat, while sailing.

You face forward so there is no need to twist to see where you are going and only one hand steers so you can choose your preferred side.

These are great boats and great fun to sail we love them and think you will to. 

Our Omega Sailboat 

Our Omega is excellent as it is a uniquely accessible standard production model sailing dinghy.

She is wide stable and quick, has crew grab handles about head height and a thwart which acts like a slideboard to move side to side - to balance the boat. If you can bum shuffle and sit without back support, then she is another great boat to learn in.

The other great advantage of the Omega is its an excellent place for ambulant friends, family and young children to sail in - leaving the Trimarans for those sailors that need their features. 

“Freedom" the powerboat 

Our powerboat is a drop-front dory style motorboat. She has an entirely flat deck, access ramp and rear bench seat with backrest.

Wheelchairs can wheel straight (900mm wide ramp 100mm high lip) on and from there transfer to the driving seat, passenger seat or remain in-chair.

Freedom is currently being adapted to be driven from your chair but may not be ready in time for this weekend- it requires custom manufactured parts to be designed and built.

The powerboats job primarily is to provide rescue support.

Exped rig canoe

The exped rig canoe is a great little boat because it's so simple, no rudder, no stabilising floats just a canoe, a paddle and a sail.

It's great, especially for those who already love canoeing because when the wind is right, you can go so much further and faster by sail.

She can capsize and does require some trunk rotation to handle the sail and a readiness to swim if it is gusty.

Facilities, whats included and accessiblity 

All equipment, lunch, access to showers/toilets and instruction is included. Parking is free to National Trust Members

The main base is located at National Trust Fell Foot Active Base and is approximately 35 minutes from junction 36 of the M6.

The site has dedicated parking, accessible toilet and shower and full changing place, level access to the cafe.

If sailors require a fixed hoist for the Hanse Dinghy (or the lake is too low to get it alongside), we may arrange an alternative meeting point for Sunday.

Bring friends, this is a great weekend and it's inclusive to all including the ambulant, and they will have a great time too. 

Important Sail Fast Info

Dates and Costs 

  • 2 days adventure 

  • Meet: National Trust Fell Foot 10:00 Saturday 8 August

  • Drive away: 17:00 each day 

  • £215 per person

What is included?

  • All technical equipment 

  • Lunch Saturday and Sunday

  • British qualified sailing instructors

  • Use of showers, locker and toileting facilities

What do we actually do

  • Enter Launch and recover the sailboats

  • Learn to handle the sails and steer

  • Learn to turn the boats around in both directions

  • Learn to sail in any direction

  • Try different boats

  • Experience pushing the boat too far

Sail Fast Mobility Edition Accessibility Information



  • We offer a dedicated Visual impairment needs edition of this weekend on request

  • Suitable for all those who can perceive and identify objects 100m away unsupported

  • Controls are laid out on a fixed rack to make them easy to identify 

  • We can coach by radio to help guide and interpret the conditions

  • Great sailing is as much about the other senses than sight - you can feel, hear and sense the boats reactions to make adjustments to sail well. 



  • We offer dedicated cognitive needs days including sailing on request

  • Suitable for those able to self manage without dedicated support or who bring a dedicated helper

  • Participants should be capable of understanding and be able to follow instructions consistently - most sailing safety comes from some core rules. If not, please bring a dedicated helper.

  • All of our boats can accommodate a dedicated helper. 



  • This weekend maximises the facilitation of sailors with additional mobility needs

  • The core craft is the Canoe Trimaran which requires the ability to sit upright without being strapped in - Speak to use about a Hanse based weekend for a reclined seating position.

  • To access the Canoe Trimaran, you must have good motion in at least one arm

  • You do not need to be able to manoeuvre quickly or dash around 

  • To drive the powerboat (currently), you must be able to bum shuffle and sit without being strapped down

  • Seating in the Canoe trimaran and Powerboat can be in a supportive watersports seat. Seating in an expedition rig or the Omega requires bum shuffling and sitting unaided



  • Suitable for people with most auditory impairments that do not require signing to communicate or please  bring an interpreter. 

  • A BSL assistant instructor is occasionally available.

  • We have radios and T-loop transmission  units to aid hearing when separated or the wind hinders hearing. 

Booking is easy and straight forward 

Just pop some details down, and we will make contact, answer any questions and sort out the money. 

European Start up Funded 

European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development  

Europe investing in rural areas

Anyone Can: Connecting Transport Hubs to Lake Shores - Accessible Canoeing

Purchase of an accessible powered support and rescue vessel, and a mobile fleet of canoes with trailer

It is part funded by the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development 

Supported by the Cumbria Fells and Dales Local Action Group 

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