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Like what you see? why not get involved? we would love to hear from adventurers, those looking to help and those who have skill they want to develop  

 Ways to get invoived  

  • Become a pioneer 

    Become an Anyone Can Pioneer and be the first to try out our adventures

  • Help us serve the widest range of adventurers with additional needs

  • Meet an amazing team of like-minded adventurers 

  • Encourage others with needs like yours

  • Steer new adventures towards what inspires you

Pioneers help us knock the rough edges off, discover routes to success, develop our systems and make way for others. The pioneer programme is for our more adventurous, early adopters. Anything that is good in life will have started a little rough around the edges and got better through testing, feedback and experimentation. This is where our Pioneers can help us improve!

We have a calendar full of pioneer experiences to get tested this year ready for the general public next year. We are actively looking for people with additional needs to test, review and model adventures for us.

Pioneers always pay drastically cut prices. Vicky and Chris work for free and will provide the activity equipment required for whatever adventure is being trialed . That just leaves fuel, hired equipment and living expenses.

If you are up for being at the forefront of what we do, laughing at unforeseen extra challenges, and helping us promote our work then consider being a Pioneer for us. Sign up for the pioneer mailing list to know what is coming up and our discuss channel to push for the experiences you want to see happen.

Unforeseen challenges, silly situations and laughs are certain but so are adventures in amazing places. 

Book an adventure

It is fantastic to see that you are sold on coming out for a play day with us. While we are getting settled into this amazing new business we are not taking full paying clients. This will not be forever but for now we are afraid that you will have to have a discount by either being a pioneer or a champion for Anyone Can.

Our first adventures for clients who want to just turn up and have an amazing time with no complications are coming very soon (summer 2019) both through Air B and B adapted experience days and directly via the website for weekend, week and foreign adventures. 

  • Become a champion 

    Help others access adventure

  • Share your skills, abilities and knowledge

  • Access discounted adventures

  • Earn gift vouchers to give to those with additional needs 

  • Get your name known (we always credit content) 

  • Adventure with your own friend or family member with additional needs 

  • Get logbook hours for your own outdoor qualifications 

Calling all keen volunteers, videographers, photographers, proof readers and more.

We would like to ensure that inspiring individuals are part of the process of Anyone Can’s future growth.

Champions take on voluntary roles in Anyone Cans operations in exchange we get to provide work experience, discounted adventures and a whole heap of thanks from the community that benefits from our work.

Outdoor Champion opportunities

Helpers, guides adventure hands, eyes and ears

Helpers - For some adventures we will need drivers, kit lifters and cooks. Depending on the additional needs within the groups some parts of living and logistics take too long without additional help to smooth the way. Helpers make amazing adventures happen for others.

Guides - Sometimes people have an additional need where you can share your ability to make adventure possible for both of you. For example someone with a visual impairment may need a sighted partner to canoe down a river, both of you have a great adventure. It’s ideal that guides are not talented sports people in their own right and are at a similar level of experience to their adventure buddy as we don’t to take people for rides - we share adventures. Guides are sociable, energetic and great communicators with some time to spare and comfortable in the environment. Guides do not get involved in personal care but are in charge of helping with all aspect of the experience like finding missing kit or fetching a chair or guiding to the toilet block. Guides take part in an adventure for fun and the benefit of another

Adventure hands - Sometimes we need additional people competent in the adventure environment to help out. That might be lifting canoes on and off the trailer, being an extra set of eyes and ears, or extra muscle helping people in and out of kit. This is more ideal for aspiring instructors looking for work experience, as you are part of the adventure management team rather than a learning participant.

Indoor, extra and remote champion opportunities

Proof readers and accessibility checkers
One of our challenges as a small business is keeping check on all the information we need to get out into the community. Now Chris (in particular) it has to be said struggles with the written word -he can string a good sentence together but makes many mistakes with spelling and structure. Currently Anyone Can is kept legible by the long suffering parents team who do have other things they would like to do with their retirements so we would love to pass this onto others. Also whilst we regularly pass the website through an accessibility checker, it only looks for the presence / lack of correct data for assistive technologies - not whether they make sense.

Videographers, podcasters and photographers.
One of the most important aspects of our role going forward is about making sure that a wide range of adventurers with additional needs know opportunities exist that caters for people with their needs. It is about being seen heard and found. We invite anyone with skills and time to dedicate to creating content around the theme of “anyone can” its about breaking the first barrier - knowing what’s possible. With your help we can let more people know, more people aspire and more people access adventure. If you have an interest in the various media and are looking for a subject - we have the subject and are in a unique place to arrange access to brilliant footage. 

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European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development  

Europe investing in rural areas

European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development  

Europe investing in rural areas

Anyone Can: Connecting Transport Hubs to Lake Shores - Accessible Canoeing

Purchase of an accessible powered support and rescue vessel, and a mobile fleet of canoes with trailer

It is part funded by the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development 

Supported by the Cumbria Fells and Dales Local Action Group